Why the Ford F-150 is the Best Selling Truck of All Time and Better Than a Toyota Tundra

Why the Ford F-150 is the Best Selling Truck of All Time and Better Than a Toyota Tundra

Rev up your engines,
today’s question comes from mark 767, scotty which company makes the best full sized pickups
in the US these days, well if you go by popularity it has to be
the F150, I’ll give you a little history lesson for that,
in 1948 ford started the F series, it was the first pickup truck that they ever built
that was built from scratch, with it’s own body, the earlier ones they were based on
car frames with a truck body on it, the f series was the first one with a full
sized truck frame made just for trucks, from 1948-1952 they made the f-1 series truck,
but then in 1953 they decided to call the f-1 the f100,
rings off your tongue a little better, would you rather say f-1 or f100, it sounds more
impressive, and today the f series is on it’s 13th different
generation, their now at the 13th generation f trucks,
and since 1948 they’ve sold over 35 million f series trucks so their very popular trucks,
if you notice recently ford said they’re not going to build cars anymore except for the
mustang, but they aren’t changing the trucks, their building tons of trucks their not going
to shut down their truck division, being in it’s 13th generation today, you realize
they’ve been perfecting the pickup truck, they make it to fit the buyers needs, take
a short time ago, they too a bunch of the steel out of the body and replaced it with
aluminum so some of these things weigh 500 pounds less than they did before, they still
have the solid steel frame, but a lot of the body is aluminum so it’s more lightweight
and it gets better gas mileage for a pickup truck,
now of course anyone who’s ever owned a pickup truck knows, they don’t get great gas mileage,
their pickup trucks, their high up in the air, their not aerodynamic
their heavy, but their made to haul stuff, and with the
modern design in fords case of the 10 speed automatic transmission that you can get in
them, they actually get decent gas mileage on the
highway, and that’s decent gas mileage for a pickup truck of course,
you can’t compare them to the cars, it’s a completely different ball game, and
when it comes to that, I’ll give you some advice about gasoline vs
diesel pickup trucks, people are always asking me, scotty should
I get a gasoline full sized pickup or diesel, well I ask them, what are you going to do
with the truck, you have to decide what you’re going to do with it before you decide which
one you’re going to buy, now if you carry a lot of loads like deliveries
here in Houston, heavy weight driving on the highway all the
time, putting a lot of mileage on the vehicle, you are better off with a diesel, because
diesel engines have a lot of torque, they don’t have a lot of horsepower but they’ve
got a lot of torque, so their great for pulling things and if you’re pulling something on
the highway with a diesel pickup truck, it doesn’t really change the gas mileage all
that much, but if you’re towing that same heavy load with a gasoline engine,
it’s going to get a lot worse gas mileage, I’ve seen heavy tow loads with gasoline engines,
the gas engines will get less than half the gas mileage that the diesel engine would get,
now in the past people who were pulling heavy loads would get a big v8 diesel, but now everything
is starting to change and a lot of them are going to these v6 diesels that have turbos
on them that are all set up that the new ford f150 in 2018 you can get a v6 diesel that’s
rated at 30 mpg, so as times change so does the f150, you could have never gotten a v6
diesel in them they just started doing that, but they adapt to what the market wants,
and in terms of their ride ability, they certainly have adapted because I’ve been driving ford
pickup trucks for years testing them out, and every time I get one the wife would ride
in it because we got free gas and everything so we’d take trips in them and she’d say,
I hate riding in these pickup trucks they riding horrible,
which doesn’t matter to a truck guy but my wife didn’t like it, but then a couple years
ago, they changed a lot of the suspension in these trucks, and I took my wife for a
ride in one and she said, gee this trucks rides really good what’s going on here,
and I explained that they changed a bunch of the suspension system to make them ride
a lot better, and that of course had led to a small amount
of show trucks, like Lincoln makes a show truck, it’s got a little short bed and leather
seats and everything, and it’s a good looking truck but it’s not
a serious work truck because the bed is so short, it’s more for rinestone cowboys who
want to show off their truck, and the reason that the f150’s are really
the best made American full sized pickup truck is because that’s what they are, their for
hauling stuff, they can last a long time, they can take a lot of things and historically
they keep improving the things, they just don’t build something and then say,
oh that didn’t work we’ll get rid of that and start all over again,
over all those years, they’ve perfected pickup trucks,
and now I’ve been around the world, and America is the kingdom of pickup trucks, some countries,
they don’t even have pickup trucks, they have panel vans and stuff for carrying stuff, they
want stuff held inside so it doesn’t get ruined by the rain but hey American is the land of
the pickups and really in the land of the pickups the f150 is still king,
I would rather have a pickup from a company that makes a designs most of their own stuff,
take the chryslers, their using different engines, different transmissions from different
companies, they keep changing stuff around, and of course since fiat bought chrysler,
their throwing a lot of these Italian diesel engines in and hey they’ve had a lot of problems
with those Italian diesel engines, I’d stay away from those things,
and when I was young it was a real battle between the chevy pickups and the ford pickups,
they were neck and neck for a long time, but as far as I’m concerned, GM quality control
it’s been going downhill for decades now, and as an example with my own customers,
for every ford f150 that needs a transmission rebuilt, I see 4 or 5 gm pickups that need
their transmission rebuilt, I see the rear ends the differentials go out on GM pickup
trucks all the time, and it’s rare that I see an f150 rear end go out, now toyota makes
full sized pickups and I used to like them a lot,
but as their aging, especially with the modern designs, they have some very expensive repairs
that you don’t normally relate to toyota, but the way they designed them their extremely
expensive to work on when they do break down, for example I was working on a tundra, it
needed a starter, I had to take the whole top of the engine off to get to where they
put the starter, there’s no reason to do stuff like that, and
if their going to do stuff like that, hey I’m going to tell people, don’t buy one of
those because you’re really going to be bad when it costs you a $1,000 to change a starter
on your truck, and as times change, so does my opinion of
stuff, the f150, hey it’s done a pretty good job of changing with the times, so I’m sticking
with them, and since this is the Thursday episode where
I answer a viewers question, place your own question on the YouTube comments below and
I’ll pick the best ones to make a single video to answer your question,
and where else can you find a guy with 50 years experience of fixing cars to answer
your own question with a video, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. The only thing is I’ve seen on your other videos you’ve said stay away from the turbo diesels. Still think that on fords?

  3. Yup my 1991 xlt lariat is still running tough and works hard over some unforgiving terrain too! Good ole twin I beam suspension in that baby. Oh and headers w dual glasspak exhaust w a direct cold air intake….yup she's a runner with 302 powerhouse!😀

  4. chevy trucks out last f150s , i rarley see older fords but i see tons of 80s 90s on up silverados, dont beleve me ? Count them in your town and i bet you get way more chevys.

  5. Question: What do you think about a petrol Nissan Patrol? They were designed before Renault and based on the previous generation which has a solid reputation. I’m thinking of getting a 2007 since moving to South America. Thanks Scotty!

  6. Starters at Toyota Tundra, is about 5.8 hours to do…plus starter, = around 1000$They really screw that one up…And water pumps on 2GR-FE engines, about 5 hours to do..

  7. Hey Scotty…utmost respect for your videos. Ignore the offensive comments, cause without obligation to do so, you're helping many people with your honest blogs. I have a 2019 Chevy Colorado 2.5l 4cyl engine. Have you worked on such truck yet? So far so good for me…any comments about it.

  8. scotty!!! i got a 2008 dodge charger that i got to drive around on the weekends, but everytime i am at a stop sign it start smelling like its over heating!!!!, every 3 days i need to put coolant back in it, and its driving me crazy!!!!. it drives beautifully, the engine dont vibrate or anything i really enjoy driving it, its just that over heating issue!!! its a 2.7ltr v6

  9. Ok Scotty here's one for ya. I traded in a 2011 Chevy impala 3.5 v6 for a used 2017 Ford explorer xlt 4wd v6 tec engine. My question is the PTU on the transmission, Ford says the fluid never needs changing? What I have seen on youtube tells me different? This SUV has almost 48K miles on it. Do a video on this and I'll watch it for sure. I'm not to thrilled with the water pump location and how it's controlled by the timing chain either, But that'll have to be another video on it's own. Thank you.

  10. Hey Scotty, i own a 93 Honda Civic that has 300,000 miles , do you think I should do an engine swap? she still runs like a charm but I do take trips around Texas so I might be driving 4 to 10 hous at a time and I just don't know how much wear has accumulated on the engine.. Thanks for your time Aaron. C

  11. Ford rest on their past laurels ,but now a days not so much actually since 1995 ,after that you can find them on the road dead F.O.R.D.

  12. Hey Scotty. What is your opinion about tire pressures for SUV's? I had a 96 Isuzu Trooper that lasted until 2018 (217000 miles).
    I used 8 to 10 ply Cooper Discoverer tires that would last 45,000 to 60,000 miles. They recommended 35 lbs of pressure, but I used 45 to 50 lbs unless I was on rough roads when I would drop the pressure 5 to 10 lbs to smooth out the ride. I'm running 42 lbs in my 2015 Toyota 4runner while in town, and I'll drop it 5 lbs when I'm on rough roads. What's your opinion?

  13. Obviously this guy has never talked to a tow truck driver. They will tell you to never drive a Ford truck. The reason is they are always being called to go get them off the side of the road cause they are not reliable.

  14. I was really stressed over whether or not to get rid of my 2017 F-150 because of the Ecoboost but I hate everything. Why don’t the F150s have the Flexfuel feature? I saw a F350 van with the Flexfuel emblem on the back. My Toyota Yaris had the Flexfuel option but not my F-150.

  15. Scotty why do the new fords misfire often is there some type of a seal leak around the coil for moisture to leak in?

  16. 1998 f150 4.6 4×4 256k. No O-2 sensors, no egr, no meow, eats a quart every 1000 miles or so. Starts every time and up till about 50k ago AC still worked. Original diff's trans engine. Get about 16 on highway even without O2 ( all 4 are gone with no special tune). All that and still plugs read ok.

  17. I remember you talking abut ford's ecoboost engine not being a good one, was that more towards early gen ecoboost or all of them in general? i hear the new ones are a lot better.

  18. What about that 3- valve triton engine that was a piece of junk. Failure after Failure. The 6.0 turbo diesel with the defective egg and rocker bolts. Maybe ford has its problems just like the rest.

  19. Mom is 84 and can't drive no more She has a 98/ 99 Chev Metro with 53,000 original miles. Mom hasn't had a license for 10 yrs. Except for my brother stealing it once or twice …[email protected]@. How do i value such a car. I can only find high mileage values ? She paid 10,000+ Cash!

  20. The F-150 is only tops in sales because rental companies and fleets buy them, and that's because they're cheap. That's the only reason.

  21. Well, my last two trucks were the 1967 F-250 It was installed with a 390 and a C-6, usually had an 8.5 foot overhead camper on it. It got 13 mpg average. Today I have a 1999 F-250 with the 5.4-L or 330 cid. No camper and it has a 14mpg average. 15+ on the freeway with the tail Gate down.
    I do like the Ford Trucks!!! If I was younger and working I would give the F-150 a try. I only need a truck to make a few hauls to the dump these days. Wish I still had a camper!!

  22. I agree Scotty, Ford makes long lasting trucks, but just don't ever roll one. My nephew rolled one in Oklahoma city traffic and is now paralyzed. The roof caved in and broke his neck. He's got a big time lawsuit filed against Ford for making the roof too weak. Ford has numerous lawsuits against them right now for this reason.

  23. Dr. Edwards Denning was once the father of the Japanese miracle that he taught Toyota and Honda and other companies like Sony and said to them talk to Japanese that quality cost less ln 1980 mr. Peterson at the time now he passed away years ago as much as doctor Denning who passed away all so many years when he was alive he says we need to invite dr. Denning in there's no reason to build a quality vehicle here in America in 1982 FORD IS QUALITY JOB 1 IN THEIR COMMERCIALS

  24. Your outa your mind! I've owned them both! Got sick of the Ford being in the repair shop every few months for some stupid gadget malfunction. It started rusting out after about 4 years of being new. Went to the Toyota tundra. Have had it since 2010. No rust, and only routine maintenance.

  25. We have fords at my job all have 250 400k miles. Their is ppl that have 1 million plus online. No need to get a boner for Toyota ford has been there done that

  26. F150, built to last, and does. Tundra, nice truck, cheesy interior. Chevy, nice truck, tuna can interior. Dodge Ram, garbage transmission, body rots off the frame.

  27. An F 1 shitty will never be better than a Tundra and it can't tow as much either. Especially with its eco boost garbage engines.

  28. Have had my 2007 4.6 for almost ten years but I must say if it wasn’t for my mechanic that I have know for fifty years I would of dumped it a long time ago.

  29. I had a Nissan Titan and then starter went out, then 875$$$ later from the dealership, it started leaking around the plastic intake

  30. I will choose the tundra all day everyday, way better looking and better too. And there expensive repairs is because there good af

  31. I own a 2011 Chev. Colorado P/U…bought it used…has 115K miles but runs pretty good…like having it around for simple hauling and transport…also tow a small boat…lately noticed some ruff riding with suspension…no leaks detected around shocks or strutts…do you recommend I change them…also since I don't have power tools and haven't worked on a car for some time…thinking about finding a good auto mechanic to do the work…what's your guess about total cost for parts and labor…?

  32. I love ford 3.5 ecoboost and their interiors are real nice, but I strongly prefer the exterior looks of Sierra Denali with the 6.2 so thats what I got 🤷‍♂️

  33. I love my Ranger 4.0 OHV. She pulls everything I need her to and starts everytime I turn the key. My first vehicle from 6 years ago and still running strong.

  34. Hi Scotty, I'm looking to purchase a double cab pickup truck not the biggest cab but it needs to have the larger bed and I'm going to put a Honda Pioneer on the top with a diamondback bed cover and pull a 14 foot single axle cargo trailer around the United States British Columbia and Canada which truck would you recommend and what size engine. Thank you for your expertise

  35. You're talking great stuff about f-150s what about the problems with the Triton motor you can't get them to stay together there's so much valve train issues with things like cam phasers and everyone I know hates the Triton motor once they buy a truck with the engine in it and why did they do away with the 302 351 as everybody misses it it was a great motor

  36. Scotty , can you return your car to non Synthtic oils after they have been using the synthtic oils for awhile ?? I;ve heard that if you go back to regular oils , they will start using a lot of oil between oil changes ??

  37. Hey Scotty! I have a 2014 Hyundai Elantra GT bought it used. Didn’t do my homework and drove out the lot. Did my 1st oil change and noticed an oil leak between the engine and transmission. Found out that the rear main seal is where it was leaking. Car is protected by an extended warranty plan. Haven’t leaked yet but what would cause it to leak again? Would appreciate a reply, thanks Scotty!

  38. Scotty you’re stoned stupid, the Chevy engines and trans are unbeatable, no comparison, you got popular with the uninformed, no service tech would possibly agree with you. The Toyota Tundra is having multiple issues but hey I get it you’re playing to your fans

  39. 2015 f250 6.7, 135k miles, no issues. My dad drives a 2011 6.7, 400k plus miles, he uses it hard (full time ranching and farming) and loves it. I watched him put 540k on a 2000 7.3 before that and he HATED to get rid of it, but after hard use for 10 years it just needed a lot of work. Still 540k is not bad at all for any vehicle, let alone a ranch pickup.

  40. The F-150 is a very comfortable truck to ride around in. At least the 2018 model. The seats are comfortable. TONS of leg room. And there's little creature comforts like a wifi Hotspot and tons of power plugs. I love the F-150!!

  41. Idk if I'm the only one, but I've watched some of your videos 2 or 3 times. Thank you for all your free knowledge and advice!! Keep'em coming Scotty!!!

  42. You didn’t answer the question at hand…
    Why is the ford better than the tundra? Other than it’s expensive to fix/change out the starter..🤔

  43. Ford F150 is improving but still not more reliable than the Toyota Tundra. Still, the Tundra has some design flaws when it finally does need a repair.

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