Why the Octane is still the best car in Rocket League

Why the Octane is still the best car in Rocket League

Oh sweet a FLuuMP video maybe it’s like top ten sunless Khan moments or something Done with this car I’m switching to the Dominus for good. You have to admit the octane kinda looks like doodoo compared to the Dominus. (sad music) I just need a change The Dominus, I mean it’s like all so brand-new and so exciting I I feel like I have certain powers that I didn’t before He’s so wrong and here’s five reasons why First of all Let’s talk about loyalty FLuuMP I don’t need to say this because you probably are already starting to feel the guilt of leaving your one true love. But I’m still surprised FLuuMP. Someone who married their high school sweetheart, you’d think would know a few things about loyalty And trust me I’ve been around with other cars. I’ve experimented but Nothing really beats just settling down man. You don’t want to do this. Yeah, that Dominus might look really nice right now But you know when you’re having a bad game or five, what are you gonna go back to? That’s right. We all know you’re coming back and you and I both know hard times will come FLuuMP And guess what? We also both know that octane is gonna receive you with open arms because that octane can’t stand up for itself It’s not gonna be able to turn you away. You know, you have all the power in this relationship and that’s sick. But loyalty is just one of the reasons. Let’s talk about length. Everyone wants to talk about length. Oh, the Dominus is so long, the Octane is so short. I could just get out ahead of my opponents in ways I never thought possible with the octane. Well, you know what? It’s not all about length. Okay. I’ll tell you something That’s even more important than length GIRTH Team Octane knows what I’m talking about. Thanks to these stats from Halfway Dead at Rocket Science We can clearly see that that most important stat GIRTH the Octane beats out the Dominus by a solid margin. So yeah, you may be able to thread the needle a little bit and get your nose out on the ball a little more. Guess what? When this bad boys coming through There’s no one getting in the way. Which takes me to reason number three that the Octane is better than the Dominus In FluuMP’s video he talks about the octane looking like an RC car [FluuMP] It just starts to look like an RC car or something. [Sunless] You know, that’s true But the real problem here is how you think that’s an insult I mean, would you tell this guy to his face that being an RC car is an insult? I mean look at this legend, this is the underappreciated hero of Toy Story. And you’re gonna tell your fans in that video that it’s a problem the octane looks like this legend? Shame. Shame shame shame. But it’s more than that. Let’s talk about something that we all know is true those 50/50s. One of the most important elements in Rocket League, being able to win a 50/50 against an opponent. Guess what? You’re not gonna win many 50/50s with that short little plank. Again, It’s longer, but it’s not taller. When it comes to dominating your opponents with pure GIRTH, guts, and height the octane is gonna win every time. So this isn’t even a conversation because I know you know this is true. When it comes to 50/50’s Team Octane comes out on top. Well, you know what none of that really matters because I know why the octane is better than the Dominus It’s cuz my favorite youtuber told me so. [FluuMP] I love my red octane more than just about anything in the world. [slowed down] anything in the world [super slow-mo] anything in the world So that’s all you really need to know about why the Octane is better than the Dominus. But another thing I learned from my favorite youtuber: is a video really worth it if it’s not 10 minutes? So here’s me playing with the octane until we hit the ten minute mark. Oh you guys are still here? Wow, you’re actually gonna stick around to watch me play. I mean I am proving that the octane is the best car so I do kind of understand but at the same time I Definitely want to close the close the video by now I mean, I’m literally just doing this to make this 10 minutes like there’s no other purpose I’m not sure what enjoyment you could possibly get out of me playing in champ 2. But, uh, You know, sometimes you just need to see some really high level gameplay such as this. Beautiful goal. I’m sure you’ll see some amazing plays Like that from me as well Very nice you got that As you see the way I play is I just get carried every time by my teammate and If you can position yourself in such a way that you don’t have to do anything You can actually just get carried by even random people. Look at these. Oh, I was gonna say look at our amazing chemistry All right Nice he’s got it I don’t see how to do anything See in FluuMP’s video He was talking about mind control through the dominus. But what did neglected to mention is the octane has similar mind control powers. You can do that too with an octane. So, I think that debunked that point pretty soundly Pointless flick, pass it out to my teammate, unfortunately We’re just having fun out here, you know, 3-0. That’s unfortunate. Look at this carry. Do I have enough boost for that? Oh, he’s on the wall, too, let’s get it. Goes for the double tap. Lemme just pass it to them. Interesting. You just take it, dude. Just gotta feed him the rock, he’s feeling it. No I want it this time, you can’t always have the rock. Oh, I shouldn’t have tried that with that amount of boost. Quick turn here. I don’t mind it. He’s not there now. He’s not there when I need him. 🙁 Are you guys still watching this? Close the video man, this is just gameplay. Nothing special about this. Oh, I can’t get it to him. Try to for like a pinch I admire you guys staying to watch me close out this victory or watch Leif close out this victory rather. Lotta mind control in this game. Most of the goals are own goals. Doesn’t get better than this. As good as it gets. Boom. Clearly proof that Octane is better.

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  1. Sunless after recording the gameplay footage: NEWS guys Im changing to the breakout !

    FluUmp:10 reasons why the octane is the best car in rocket league

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