Why the Toyota 86 is a Disappointing Sports Car

Why the Toyota 86 is a Disappointing Sports Car

Rev up your engines,
good day from Australia would you recommend the toyota 86 as a first manual car, also
in Australia there’s restrictions on first cars, what other North American standard cars
would you recommend, interesting, restrictions on first cars, I guess they don’t want you
to have too much horsepower, they know you Aussies are all crazy huh,
yeah the toyota 86 you know it’s a Subaru, it’s got the boxer subaru engine, toyota for
some weird reason they make great cars, but they’ve always messed with sports cars with
other people’s engines, the first real toyota sports car that they
made was made in the 1960’s and they only made a few thousand of them, it had a Yamaha
engine in it, then the Celicas for a while had a Yamaha
motorcycle basically designed engine and now their going with Subaru,
and subarus can have problems here and there but if you get a manual transmission in one,
that’s their weak point their automatics, their fun to drive, I got a customer that
bought one and I do have to say, I’m kind of disappointed,
they did buy an automatic transmission and to me it was a very slow car, I mean I thought
it was kind of slow car but you get a manual transmission it would be a lot quicker, it
could be fun to drive and I’m sure they’ll last,
rankin says scotty I got 2003 nissan frontier, I’ve never changed the automatic transmission
fluid, should I do it now thanks, well if it’s working perfectly fine, no,
and here’s why, when fluid is working in the automatic transmission it uses fluid dynamics
to drive your car, it’s actually the fluid and the friction inside
that’s inside the torque converter that’s making your car go,
and it has to be that was because in an automatic transmission, you step on the brake and come
to stop, the engine is still spinning, if it was a manual transmission and you had
it in gear the car would stall, the reason automatic don’t stall is because they have
the torque converter and that has some slippage and when you’re stopped, it slips and it doesn’t
stall the engine, well when you get an old vehicle and the fluid
gets dirty, dirty fluid has more friction in it and if you change it now, and put real
clean fluid in, it’s more slippery and I’ve seen people do that and then the transmission
slips and it didn’t before it changed the fluid, that old I’d leave it alone,
if you buy it brand new and change it every 50-60,000 miles you keep doing it,
if you don’t and you got a lot of mileage, don’t change it now it could destroy things,
why gamble, that things has a certain lifespan anyways it’s a nissan automatic transmission
so it’s going to wear out anyways, I wouldn’t push my luck on that,
scotty I have a 07 toyota tundra that needs an air pump,
they say for smog, can I just unplug them since they cost over $2,000 to replace, here’s
the thing, that was a design flaw on the v8 engine, it was a very poor design,
and if it runs ok otherwise, all it is, is a anti pollution device,
if you live in an area where they don’t do anti pollution inspection on your cars and
you unplug it, no one is going to know or care,
but if you live in an area where you get your car inspected, it’s never going to pass the
inspection legally, so that’s more or less your choice, I know I got people calling me
from North Dakota and say, scotty they don’t inspect anything here we take everything off,
catalytic converter, smog pumps, and if nobody cares, realize your going to
be polluting the air a little bit more, but if you live in an area where they do inspections
you’ll never get it legally inspected, all that stuff, sometimes on the toyotas if
it does break and if it sucks too much air, it will make it run way too lean and it will
actually run poorly and then you’d have to fix the thing, but I’ve seen a bunch of them
here where they run ok, but they just trip the code for the smog pump because they basically
built them wrong, you take it off and it runs better, like I said it’s not going to hurt
anything other than you can’t get it legally inspected if you live in an area where they
legally inspect it, modern hustler, we recently bought an 05 crown
vic for a first time driver, what do you think we paid $2,000 and it has 96,000 miles is
that a good deal, hey if it runs good and works good, yeah that’s
a good deal, everyone knows those things are called grandpa cars and grandma cars but they
can last a long time, 96,000 miles is nothing for those that probably has a v8 and those
engines can run forever, and since it’s a newer one 05, on the highway
I’ve got customers that get 20 something miles a gallon driving them around on the highway,
it could be a very good car and of course it’s very safe because it’s so big, so it’s
a first time driver, you’re going to feel a lot safer inside one of those than you are
in a little honda civic or smart car or something because it is a big car and it has air bags,
daniel says scotty I have a manual car and it still has a cable,
it makes a strange noise when I push the clutch and after I push it a whole bunch of times
the sound goes away what could it be, ok well it’s a cable, the first thing you
want to do is get yourself a flashlight, you know one of those small ones like I have that
are super bright and look at both ends of the cable under the dash and the other end
where it goes into the transmission and make sure the cables aren’t bad, if those cables
are bad their a bunch of strands together and if some of them are bad get another cable
assembly right away, if they aren’t bad, get some good lubrication oil, I’m a motorcycle
guy so you can go to any motorcycle shop or go to Amazon or Ebay and buy a can of motorcycle
cable spray lub, it’s a special lub just for cables and lubricate the thing and then, it’s
a good idea to lubricate cables anyways, they never tell you to because they want them to
wear out but if you do they last a lot longer, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

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  2. Hey Scotty, I have a video idea. Hydraulic cam lifters vs solid cam lifters. Pro and con and some manufacturers choose on design over the other. You video on timing chain vs belts was great and informative. Thank Scotty.

  3. Great! I’ve been wondering what you thought of the 86/FRS/BRZ! Love to see you do a more in-depth review as I’ve been looking to buy one myself! Thanks Scotty!

  4. I don’t believe it’s a poor sports car just because it’s slow. I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a full on sports car anyway with the power it has stock. But it is a good affordable platform for modification.

  5. I thought the folks at Toyota designed the 86/BRZ/FRS and handed it off to Subaru. I could have sworn I heard this when they first came out

  6. The 86 was on my list when purchasing another car in about 2013.. it was either that or a used Tacoma XRunner.. I went with the Tacoma.

  7. I had one for years. Yes it is slow but I've been to dozens of track days and it feels great. Get into time attack or spec series it is an amazing car. Try to street race it you will be disappointed

  8. secoty i was planing to buy 2012 toyota 4 runner 4wd its has 90000 miles and it 18000 dollars. so is that fair price and good car ?

  9. Am I the only one that feels if toyota tweaked the styling a little more and put a more capable power train in… It could've passed as a Supra🌚

  10. Scotty, the 86 isnt supposed to be fast. It's kinda like a Miata where it's built with good handling, not a whole lot of power, but makes a comfortable daily. Sure, a V8 Camaro would fly down the road in a straight line, but I prefer cruising on winding roads of hills with trees and nice scenery, and handling is what makes a drive like that more comfortable and fun!

  11. It's called jinbai ittai sometime it's not all about straight line speed just imagine if you got all the power you want or more than you wanted but the tire just won't let you do it,it just keep spinning and spinning but the thing is even you got a underpowered car but can push more harder around the corner without worrying about those wheelspin is just different what's the point if you got the power but you can't use it just like Mazda said “Jinba-Ittai reflects the feeling that the sense of oneness between a rider and his beloved horse is the ultimate bond.” that's why you're wrong old man car is not all about horsepower

  12. Scotty, I own a 2017 Toyota camry and 2011 Honda Accord I am planning to do oil change/ transmission fluid change myself using a jack and jack stands mostly because i want to use honda genuine fluids. Hesitant to go below a vehicle are there any pointers which should be followed while using jack and jack stands?

  13. As a 86 owner, i can confirm the following:

    Its not good at red lights when you want to race that civic spoon boi
    Its not a good car if you want to brag about numbers and times
    Its not a good car for hauling your camping trailer
    Its not a good rock crawler
    It burn tires and fuel very SLOWLY what a shame
    It can fit its own tires in the trunk, wtf its supposed to be a sports car ?!
    You can't even brag about how expensive it is, at 30k you get a RWD car with an lsd and a center of gravity situated perfectly on your ballsack

  14. I make my own cables for my Corolla. They last longer than factory. The left hand drive ones have a really long cable and two pulleys to go around. Or I might just be a scary driver and that's why they're always a frayed.

  15. In my contury ppl remove catalisator erg valve, dpf filter and all others thing to make car faster and less to cost

  16. I disagree with the Transfluid. I'd change out the fluid but avoid pressurized methods of removing the old fluid. Do a drain and fill 3x and you will be good.

  17. Scotty please help. I want to buy a 2014 BMW 5' series, but I can't decide if I should go for the petrol or the diesel version.

  18. I do remember Scotty you said that Toyota doesn't really make sports cars and usually don't work our aka Celicas and Supras from one episode so same story.

  19. again as always Scotty said that Nissan transmission is going to break down…oh he does not know anything about cars.40 years of amateur experience.hahaha

  20. When 86 owners first get the car
    "Man, this car is light so it's going to be fast!😃"
    After they got proven slow and got smoked bad
    "They are meant for curves and for fun😢"

  21. Bro you ruin my mind 86 All car companys are good you cant feel one but yeah its ok it the next video its name is…….? Still thinking
    Ok i thinked now:
    Why does The Ford Mustang Always crash

  22. People have forgotten that the whole point of the 86 was a very cheap platform for people to build on. They’re slow because they’re supposed to be easy for YOU to go out and mod. For YOU to put a turbo kit on. For YOU to learn about.
    Toyota making a factory turbo version with more power would defeat the WHOLE purpose of this car. It’s supposed to be a great starting platform, not a perfect car from the get go.

  23. the 86 is following in the footsteps of the original ae86. its supposed to be an underdog that handles well around a corner

  24. Hey Scotty, I made the mistake of buying a car with a gm 2.4l vvt motor. I have already replaced the timing solenoids, chain, guides, etc. I am thinking about just driving it until it blows up. A new motor for the car is $5000. Once it dies should I give it a new motor or does it make sense to just buy another car avoiding weak motors like the 2.4l?

  25. Scotty I have a 98 crv itll sometimes slip from 2 to 3rd would u recommend a fluid swap or to try the Lucas stop slip fluid?

  26. We praise the Miata while it only has 184 horsepower but then get livid over a car with 200 horsepower. Ever think that both the Miata and the 86 is meant for corning rather than straight line speed? Its slow car fast

  27. People out here complaining that the BRZ/86 having “no power” at 200 HP, while I’m plenty happy with the 101 HP of my 1984 Mazda RX-7…

  28. Yea ur right scotty the toyota 86 is a heap. I taking my mp90 down to toyota hq and im going to mow the cunts down!

  29. A car must be really fast in a straight line to be good, ignore all other points. – Internet car reviewers from the last 5 years.

  30. Try selling sporty cars with 250hp+ in Scandinavia. Subaru doesn't even sell wrx or 2l levorg in Norway. Wrx sti ra is out of the question because of high taxes on hp.. Toyota's sportiest car in Norway is the gt86.

  31. According to Scotty, its all Subaru's fault, the brz is slow, the sti is ancient, and slow, somehow(haven't figured out how the sti is slow, Scotty probably has that figured out though). The brz doesn't have great power, its probably faster than the old celica, and its not wrong wheel drive. But anyway, its a Subaru so it inherently sucks.

  32. Hey Scotty, I'm looking too buy a new car this year, but having trouble deciding between a 2018 subaru brz, & a 2018 Honda civic si.

  33. the 86 is like our generations 240sx. also light rear wheel drive sports cars are a dying breed in this current day and age. the 86 is an important piece of history and it will age well. kids in the future will be looking for them the same way we swoon over the Silvias and stuff. ive noticed all americans care about it power and fat looking cars, so i can see why the ignorance is there.

  34. I don´t get it, in your video about automatic transmissions, you said that Aisin is making the best autos in the world. But in this video you are saying that the auto is the weak point of the car. So which of your statements is correct then ?

  35. Uhh if you guys were informed the first ever Toyota sports car had a boxer engine. Just how the new 86 has one. That car is a gem in today's because no one is making light rear wheel drive cars anymore

  36. Well

    Gt86 with buddyclub tail light is amazing

    I probably buy it auto since i want to daily and i don't mind the top speed to much

    See ya in 8 year when the price is affordable :((((

  37. Yea just bought a 2019 BRZ as fun car to drive around town. I love it. The acceleration is not an issue for me and like fast accelerating cars. It rekindled in me the love of driving. Also for 6' 2" guys, its the only nimble car that we can fit in!

  38. I want the 86 because it has good mpg and it will be my daily. I am gonna go to college so I will be driving a lot and I think I will get an automatic because I am going to college in a city and stick shift is annoying in traffic

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