Why Used iPhones Cost More Than Used Android Phones

Why Used iPhones Cost More Than Used Android Phones

Narrator: This iPhone 7
came out three years ago. I could sell it and still get a couple
hundred dollars for it. But if it was an Android phone, it would be a very different story. Why can I get so much for
this 3-year-old phone? Right now on eBay a used
iPhone 7 goes for around $150 to sometimes over $200. But a Galaxy S7, which
also came out in 2016, sells for under $100. This is true for sites like
Best Buy and Swappa, too. It doesn’t matter where you shop, used iPhones always cost more than the same generation of Android phone. And you have to pay even more if you want a certified refurbished phone. Buying a refurbished
iPhone 7 Plus from Apple still costs $480. Unfortunately, all phones lose value as soon as you take them out of the box. Even a used iPhone XS,
which came out last year, sells for around $700 to $800 on eBay. That’s 20% to 30% less
than the original price. But reports have shown that after a year, iPhones retain around 15% more value than Samsung phones. And it’s even worse for other
Android phone manufacturers, like LG. The LG G8 ThinQ came out in March. It costs around $850 new, but used it
sells for just $300 to $400. That’s more than a 50% loss in just three months. So why do we consider old
phones to be worth so much less? For better or worse, the
smartphone upgrade cycle is quick. Every year you know
there will be new phones with new features. Tim Cook: This is iPhone X. Narrator: A big reason
for buying that new phone is because your current phone is slow or out of date. But this is where Apple
has a big advantage. Since Apple is in complete
control of the iPhone, they can choose to support products for a longer period of time. And they’re more transparent about how long a phone will be supported. That means your old phone
can get the newest features and security updates. IOS 12 even supports the iPhone
5s, which came out in 2013. In fact, Apple reports
that 85% of iPhone users have installed the latest software. Android P, on the other hand…. Cook: They only had 10% adoption. Narrator: Data from 2018
showed that the iPhone 6s and 7 are still very popular phones. And Apple is bringing iOS
13 to both of these phones. That means the iPhone
6s has been supported through five software versions. That’s not something any
Android phone can say. And thanks to these updates, older iPhones remain more popular and can be sold for more money. Companies like Samsung and LG are slow to bring new versions of
Android to their devices. It takes time to modify
Android for each phone, and companies might not be motivated to bring new versions to phones
that are several years old. And it can be tough to tell how long your device is supported, although the speed of Android updates has gotten better over
the last couple of years. Of course, iPhones also have
the best brand recognition. People are willing to
trust a used iPhone 7 more than a OnePlus 6 because they know what
they get with an iPhone. And unless you’re the type of person who watches a review of
every new Android phone, it can be tough to keep
up with each release. New iPhones, on the other hand, are released every September. But there are some things that
Android phone manufacturers can do to improve their
phones’ resale values. Getting new versions of Android
faster is a huge advantage. If you buy Google’s own Pixel phones, you know you’ll get Google’s
software updates right away. So you might be more likely
to stick with that device. And phones that don’t modify
stock Android very much usually perform better in the long run. OnePlus phones, for example, don’t pack on a lot of extra
features on top of Android. As a result, they still run great years after they’re released. But one thing does remain
true, iPhone or Android: Try to sell your phone before
they release a new model. Phones drop in value almost immediately after a new one is announced. So when that shiny new
iPhone gets released, consider buying used instead of new. You can save a lot of money by buying last year’s latest and greatest. And now that thousand-dollar
phones are the norm, buy a phone that you can use for more than just a year or two.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. They say that it's easier to know when Apple phones are released, since it's always in September, but fail to mention that phones like Samsung release their S phones every March and their Note phones every August…

  2. What country has the most expensive average USED iPhone 7 price? I'd love to hear from more countries. This is a very interesting topic.

  3. Or, things that cost more new sell for more new. Buyers don't care about system updates, which this video assumes, without empirical evidence, that this is THE cause of higher iphone resale values. Market value is based on perception- what do people think is better.

  4. Easy! Because Android users know what's worth for a phone. iOS users are used to overpay. So they are brought up stupid by the parent company and obviously they act stupid in used phone market . Simple.

  5. That's true, a used iPhone cost more than the used Android one. But Software version adoption won't be the only reason for that, I guess. Thank you Tech Insider, after all, it's informative.

  6. My Android phone has face recognition, has alot of features, has some good specs and it cost lower than a iPhone 4/5

  7. 2:14 when apple makes fun of android but android the next year comes out with 99 cameras and bigger screens and faster everything and with good Google maps 😂😂

  8. why? Supply and demand. Idiots are willing to pay stupid numbers for used apple products. Because those idiots are the ones who WANT to floss and apple product but can't afford to pay for a brand new one.

  9. These newer Samsung’s are for sure going to be more expensive like the s8 which came out 2 1/2 years ago and still costs like $300

  10. *So, I came to see why used iPhones are expensive….
    And saw tons of iPhone qualities and disadvantages of android phones…*

  11. In my family, their saying is when you buy a used phone, or a used tech at least, it's dangerous…? Coming from them: You'll won't know if it's hacked or something.

    This always sticks in my mind when buying a used phone. Is it really safe? Or should I just buy a new phone for more safety.

  12. "Buy a phone that you can use more than a year or two"
    iPhones purposely slow down their phones after one year and nerf their batteries.

  13. Bro it’s 9/13/19 and I’ve had a 16 gb iPhone 6 since 12/25/15 🤦🏻‍♀️ I really need a higher storage phone!

    Whoever the hell decided for the iPhone 6 to have a 16gb base is a 🤡 p.s. the only options at the time were 16-64-128 for iPhone 6/6s/6 plus/ 6s Plus, so big jump price bribes 😬

    Back in 2015 people were complaining that 32gb should be the standard, but now the damn base is 64?! I can’t even image the poor souls who bought the 8gb iPhone 5c like who the hell was apple campaigning towards?!?

    Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk 😂 Apple just needs to rethink their strategy cause once the headphone jack left it’s just gone downhill…

    What’s next? The volume buttons disappear? That would be dope tho

  14. I also think the iPhone loses less value cause the design changes remain so similar for several years, and the same with iOS. In the Android world, both software and hardware changes more drastically, making more recent phones seem older.

  15. oof I have a handed down phone that my sister used and passed it down to me.


  16. As long as the phone can play YouTube videos, play music, let me scroll thru Instagram, and let me message ppl, I don't care if it's Android or iOS

  17. Who leads the Operating System Market? Windows
    Who leads the Mobile Operating System Market? Android

    Apple has no balls to mock any of these. Cause after all Market share MATTERS.

    Also also, Who Makes the Android phones? China. Which Company? Foxconn.
    Who does make HIGH quality iphones? Also China.
    Also by same company Foxconn.

  18. I literally have an Android from 7 years ago and it literally gets all the new Samsung updates. While iPhone only goes back 3 years?????

  19. Hilariously misleading video, Crapple doesn't have to compete with other Crapple products, that's the reason why their cost is higher (everywhere). Android based phones are everywhere, equivalent to using windows vs Crapple. Crapple also supports their phones LESS. Holy misleading videos lol

  20. Android device drop price to fast because of too many android device outside there. However, due to lack of competion in term of OS, Iphone introduce new feature quite slow compare to Android. The main reason Iphone used phone cost more because there is no other smartphone using IOS yet. If a lot phone manufacture usinh IOS, i believe price will drop fast.

  21. People act like after a few years these iPhones will be usable. I know someone that had an iPhone 8 and it was already laggy and slow. Only people that aren't in touch with technology believe iPhones are wayyy better.

  22. Sadly so true. Even on a high end flagship Android device youre not always going to get the latest and great in updates (Looking at you Samsung)

  23. Apple Its Just So Darn Expen$ive That In The Philippines, Its Cost 95000PHP. Thats Why My Family Banned To iPhones Just Samsung Or Vivo

  24. Even if you bought a three year old iPhone, you'll still receive two last software updates. That's why used iPhones still have value.

  25. Because older iPhones still get major updates and support, meanwhile most Android phones only get support for two to three years Max depending on the OEM, for example an iPhone 8 will still get software updates until iOS 15 (a guess) but the s8 won't get Android 10 even if it can support it, because Samsung and their weird decisions, that's why , second well everyone knows Apple is like a "luxury" brand for smartphones and like any luxury brand like watches, bags, cars, etc they keep their prices relatively well, and I'm speaking from an Android user, I own a S10+ and never used iPhones and never will even if it is tempting me to try

  26. because iphones are for rich, spoiled teens and kids who want to be famous on instagram and posts stupid selfies all the time

  27. Dont know what you are on about.I have an android for four years.its working well and it gets updates! So ….why pay for an I phone when android is better and cheaper!Just by the way i work for apple technical support!

  28. iPhones' only good feature: OS updates. That's pretty much it. I wonder how Huawei's Harmony OS will beat Apple with regards to that.

  29. :Watches price comparison of Iphone and Android on an Android phone.
    :Gets intimidated by knowing y Iphone cost more over years when it is originally expensive to start with :/

  30. I’ll save you some time, iPhones are supported by Apple longer than android cellphones are supported by their manufacturers

  31. This video is so misleading its stupid..ive had a iphone and trust me with the newer software updates it really fucks up your battery with more usage..thankfully i have a android phone that is far superior and has a longer lasting battery

  32. Because dude its an iphone…. its that way its like supreme. Its impractical but holds its value. Your paying for the name.

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