Why You Should Get Aftermarket Seats | The Build Sheet

Why You Should Get Aftermarket Seats | The Build Sheet

– When it comes down to aftermarket modifications for your car, the first thing you’re
probably gonna tackle and the first things you’re
probably gonna think about is you gotta get some new suspension, you gonna get some new wheels and tires from FitmentIndustries.com. You’re gonna do, like, an exhaust. You’re gonna do couple other things. Maybe add some aero here and there, get some window tint, but the one thing that probably
gets overlooked the most and probably gets put off
until, like, the last thing are interior modifications, and I’m here today for this episode of The Build Sheet to talk about aftermarket seats and why you should maybe
just pick up a pair of aftermarket seats or just run a set of aftermarket seats in your car. But before we go ahead and get into it, I’m Joe from Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe. Hit the little bell notification thing, so you can get notified
when we upload next, because you don’t wanna miss an upload. That would just be sad. (metallic machine clinking)
(dramatic music) So, when you think about it, what are like the most, like common parts that you come into contact with your car, it’d be your steering wheel, probably your shift knob, your pedals, and then of
course you have your seats. And when it comes down to it, no matter if you have good
suspension in your car, if you have good tires, if you have everything else to keep the car planted on the road, the seat is what keeps
you planted in the car. And it keeps you from
sliding about and rolling around the whole inside of your car, so if you have some older seats, maybe it’s an older car, or maybe they didn’t offer that much support from the beginning, aftermarket seats might be something that you might
wanna be looking into. And let’s face it,
you’re a car enthusiast, I’m a car enthusiast. If you’re watching this, you’re
probably a car enthusiast. And we like to, you know, drive our cars, whether that be taking it to the track for the first time or maybe trying out autocross, or maybe just sending it
a little more aggressively through the empty roundabout. The last thing you want to have happen is when you’re out
cruising in your 98 eclipse through some back roads and then you’re being tossed all
around the inside of your car because your seats have
no support to them. So, adding a seat or a pair of seats if you actually care about the passenger in the vehicle with you, can be really beneficial
in keeping yourself and your passengers planted inside the car while you’re driving,
you know, aggressively or more aggressive than normal. Today there are tons of brands out there that make aftermarket sport seats or racing seats or sport
racing application seats for everyday vehicles. You can find just about
a seat or a bracket to make a seat work for
any vehicle out there. You have companies such
as Recaro, Sparko, Bride, Corbeau, NRG, all these
other companies out there that are making these seats for a bunch of different vehicles, and they make ’em for a bunch of different purposes. Not only is it just like race-oriented, you can also get seats that are more like comfort-oriented or maybe like just sport daily driver base if that’s something that
you want to go with. So we actually have a
pair of Corbeau seats in house that we’re gonna go ahead and take a look at and kind of compare to our old E30 seats, so we got a pair of Corbeau seats for our E30. Shout out to Corbeau for
hooking us up with those. We’re gonna go ahead, pull
those up, take a look at ’em and just kind of compare the differences and like the advantages of having an aftermarket seat. So, lets go take a look. So here we have our original E30 seats right out of the car and right next to it we have our brand new Corbeau RRS in the black carbon vinyl. Now the RRS is straight
from their sport line meaning that they have
different lines of seats that they offer. Their sport line being
the line that is like offered for like more
of like a daily driver who wants a little bit of like, you know, a sport look and get a
little bit of performance out of it, but isn’t gonna be like super uncomfortable. It’s gonna be more of
an entry level price. You know, it’s gonna be something that you can run in an every day car. So what that means is that also gives the option that if you want something very race oriented, if you want like the straight bucket seat with like the carbon backing and everything like that, that doesn’t have any adjustability, you can get that as well, it’s just offered in a higher tier line. So, if you’re building a car that’s gonna see nothing but track time, that might be the seat that you want to go with. So, this becomes important because race seats are designed for performance and safety first more than anything else. So if you get into
those higher tier seats, the ones that are specifically designed to be on the track, designed to be in race cars, you’re not gonna get
a whole lot of comfort or adjustability out of them. So in turn, that’s why you get seats like the RRS here that has the reclinable back on it that has the lumbar support and a couple other just amenities so just to make sure that you can stand driving in the car for
more than a couple of hours is all wanting to do like, you know, hop out of the (bleep) thing. So, these here offer the same performance that you get out of a racing seat but still feature things such as the reclinability. You can actually get them with the heated option, if you’d like, if you want heated seats. And you can actually stand driving in them for more than a few hours without wanting to hop out of the car. So, like I mentioned before, Corbeau was really nice and hooked us up with the 70’s RRS’s for our E30 build. Now we decided to go with the RRS in the sport line, because it really suited what we need for the car and I would imagine a lot of you guys out there watching this video would wanna go with something like this, too. So, basically, we just wanted something to tie in better with the interior that we are going with. So we have like the
aftermarket steering wheel. We have like the short shifter. We got you know the
black door panels coming and all that kind of stuff, so we wanted the seats
to tie in there as well. Because these look a lot
better than these do. So, we wanted more of that race look, more of that sport look, but at the same time, we do drive the car quite a bit, so we do take it to shows. We have to drive it to shows. Shows are sometimes a couple hours away. You know, we like showing the car off, so we bring it places, we take it out and we
wanna be like comfortable while we do that. We don’t wanna just sit
in like a bucket for three hours while driving to the nearest show, because no one really wants to do that. So, we go ahead and take a look at the each one of these seats here. We go ahead and compare our stock seats to our new Corbeau seats. The differences are pretty, like, you know, obvious right away. The main thing being the
addition of the side bolsters, which if you look on the E30 seats, they’re kind of there a
little bit but they’re not nearly as aggressive or
they don’t nearly like hug you as much as the RRS seats do. So, if you take a look at the side bolters and down by like where your legs are, you can really see how
more aggressive they are, how far out or how much
further out they stick. And that’s what’s gonna keep you planted. That’s what’s gonna keep you from sliding around left to right. So, moving on from the side bolsters, another thing that
you’ll see or tend to see with aftermarket seats is
that they tend to sit a lot lower than your OEM seats. Now, with the base on
these Corbeaus being around two-and-a-half inches, those do sit a helluva lot lower than our stock E30 seat which is a good thing for a couple of reasons, the main one being that if you’re a taller guy such as myself, a lot of the times we need that lower, like, height so we can fit a helmet on when we’re in the car. If we wear a car or a helmet, if we’re doing like autocross
or something like that. The seat sitting lower gives us just a little more
headroom so that we’re not, you know, bouncing our head
off the roof every five seconds when we’re
going around the corner. For the most part too, if you’re worried about like weight in the car or anything like that, aftermarket seats are usually just a tad bit lighter than
your OEM counterpart. A lot of the times if you’re getting rid of something like the heated seats or the power seats or something like that and you’re just opting
out for a bracket style, you’re gonna tend to lose a lot of weight by ditching the OEM seats. Now if we go ahead and take a closer look in here, too, we see a
couple other features such as the holes down here and the holes in the back by the shoulder. Now, what these are intended for is if you’re running a harness setup. You have a harness bar or if you have a harness in the car, these are gonna be the spaces that you’re gonna want to put
those harnesses through. Now, what is really nice about those not all aftermarket seats
are gonna have these, but these ones just so happen to. Is that, when you put these through here, it’s gonna kind of keep
everything in like one place, so you’re not throwing the harness over the shoulder of the seat, and then having it fall off. And then you have to like dig underneath the seat and the center console to kind of pull it out. It kind of just keeps it all together. It keeps it organized and it’s kind of a nice feature to have. And probably one of the
most important things to keep in mind when taking out a set of aftermarket seats, if you choose to do so, is if you are planning are taking it to the drag strip or if you are planning on running it a lot on the track to make sure that you get a seat that is certified to do those things. Because, believe it or
not, not every aftermarket seat out there is certified
to do those things. So, it’s one thing you wanna double check to make sure that they’re certified so you don’t show up to the track one day and then you have to sit on the sideline and you have to go home because your seats won’t let you. Now, of course, some autocross
events and stuff like that are a little more lenient on the rules and will maybe let you run, but just something, you know, keep in mind if you really wanna make sure that you’re going there. You’re following the rules. You’re not gonna have to be sent home. Just something to double check. So not only do you manage to get performance benefits
out of these seats, but they can really amp
up your interior as well. So, like I mentioned before,
the interiors of cars seem to be almost like
an afterthought when people go in to modifying their cars. However, when people do take the time to really put together their interior, they get like the matching stitching, they get the matching colors. Everything looks like it belongs together. It really ties in the
whole theme of the car. If we look at a car like Dakota’s ST, he actually has Corbeau
RRS’s in his car as well. Now they are a little bit different and that is because a lot
of seat companies out there, specifically Corbeau as well, will offer a lot of
customization with their seats. You can get like different stitching. You can get like different
colored stitching. You can choose from different materials. You can choose like
Alcantara, leather, vinyl, fabric, whatever you want. Whatever color if you
want yellow, blue, green, red, black, carbon which
we have on this one. The options are really, really endless. If you want stitching,
you can get stitching. You can get something
stitched in the headrest. You can really get a lot of cool things to make your car unique, to make your interior stand out. So we are super excited
to have the chance to put these seats in our E30. Thanks again to Corbeau
for sending them out, for hooking us up with these. We’re really excited to put ’em in. You can check out the E30 builds if you haven’t already. We’ll link it down in
the description below. It’s a fun series. We’re gonna enjoy doing it. We’re gonna adding some
more pieces to the car. So, if you’re looking for the next big modification to your car, if you’re looking for something else to add to your car to really kind of tie everything together, make it a little bit unique, aftermarket seats are probably the way that you’re gonna wanna go. Or I would highly recommend that you take a look to see what
you can get for your car. But before I head outta here for the day, don’t forget that we’re
doing the giveaway of the Klutch wheels. The easiest way to enter is to pick up this tee shirt
over at fitmentindustries.com. Don’t forget to add
your car to the gallery. But I’m Joe with Fitment Industries. Don’t forget to subscribe
and we’ll see you later. Peace.

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