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  1. Oh yeah buddy just like big fluffy dogs.I grew up in the mountains of southern West Virginia and I have been faced with the most viciousBear species in North America. The black bear. Anybody thinks that the grizzly or a polar bear or brown bear is more aggressive they're insane. There are more people killed by black bears by far.the reason is because of black bears so territorial. They choose a territory and they never leave it.grizzly and brown bear are very very protective over their young. And polar bear are just killers.Polar bear will just get done gorging on a seal and pick up your scent in the air from 2 miles away hunt you down and kill you and never take one bite of you. They kill just to kill. I was inNorth Alaska hunting caribou and ran up on a polar bear that was about 14 ft tall and I thought damn I thought grizzly bear were big.is thing look like a white King Kong walking around with a set of balls as big as my fistand I'm 6ft for 273 pounds of mountain man. As far as the guy in this video? That's the kind of mentality that you should killed so easily. The woman at the DC zoo the got most of her bones broke just getting pulled through the bars thought the same thing about the big fluffy polar bear. Anyone ever seen that video? She's in a pair of shorts with a purple shirt? she just barely survived

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