Will Wide Wheels Ruin My Front End? || From The Inbox

Will Wide Wheels Ruin My Front End? || From The Inbox

– What’s going on, guys, Fuller here with Custom Offsets, Custom
Offsets TV on the Youtube, coming at you with another
video in our From the Inbox series where we answer your
questions that you either DM us or drop in the comments,
or message us on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, wherever
you’re getting ahold of us, this is where we answer your questions. So, we get a lot of questions sometimes from people that are asking, you know, I want to go with wide
wheels, but how wide can I got before I start
running into issues in the front end and start
wearing out all the components for steering and wheel
bearings, etc, and so on, so we’re kinda gonna dive
into that and show you how wide you can go before
you start breaking stuff. Also, if you haven’t yet, make
sure you subscribe, because well, we’re trying to hit
200,000, and basically my job depends on it, and I’d really like to keep bringing home a paycheck. (fanfare music) (mechanical sounds effects) If you want to see what fits
your truck fitment-wise, like, how big can you go
on a certain lift size, that’s what our gallery is
for, customoffsets.com/gallery, you can plug in your year,
make, and model and see exactly what fits on your truck. What we’re talking about today is how wide can you go before you
start breaking things. So, if you’ve looked at all on our website or at the gallery you’ve
probably seen a whole bunch of trucks with a
really aggressive stance because that’s kinda what we’re known for and it’s what most of the guys
here that are running trucks are running on their vehicles,
something really wide that sticks out super far,
and that’s kind the hot look right now that a lot of
people are going for. I’m sure there’s plenty
of guys that are gonna say nah, 17s and 35s give me
a whole lot of rubber, not a lot of wheel, but we
love the big, wide wheels that stick out super far,
and basically destroy your paint, but that’s another video. So, the question is, do wide
wheels affect your truck in a negative way, and it’s
not necessarily the width that is doing that, but
it’s the added weight. So, if you’re buying a
wheel in a standard package off the website, we ship the already mounted, bounced, and good to go, and they’re actually
really heavy, and I think a lot of people don’t
comprehend that when they’re ordering a package,
because the typical package just shows up on your doorstep,
and we ship on a palate. It’s gonna be a couple hundred
pounds, it really depends on sizes, but obviously the bigger you go, the heavier it is, and that added weight on your truck is what really affects it. So, when your truck is
stopped, you can picture the body of the truck
straight on like this, and basically the wheels
are right underneath it. So the weight is equally
distributed straight down and you’re not putting any
other stress on the truck. Now, if you have your truck body here, and wheels stick out further,
all the weight is centered down, and basically since
the wheels are further out, you’re putting more
stress on those wheels, and where they mount up to
your hub, so essentially you could imagine an
extreme case where your body is pressing the weight
down, and your wheels are sticking out here, is basically
pushing them in like this. So, that’s one of the
things that is gonna cause your wheel bearings to
wear out faster than they normally would, if you had
a stock wheel tire setup or something narrower. Now, a lot of people are
super worried about this and you don’t really have to
be, because it’s not extreme. You’re not gonna be replacing
wheel bearings every weekend, you can easily run a 10-wide,
a 12-wide, even a 14-wide and not have to worry about it too much. The wider you go, obviously, the further your wheels are out, so the more stress it does put on your wheel
bearings, but it’s not something, like I mentioned,
that you’re gonna be replacing every weekend. Solutions for wheel bearings, there’s not a ton of options out there. Depending on what truck you have, they do offer heavy duty or HD
types of wheel bearings that you can replace your stock ones with, but there’s not too
many options out there, so you’re kinda stuck with
just using an OEM replacement, and just knowing that it’s
not every year, but maybe every two years, or something like that, it really depends on your mileage. You might have to replace wheel bearings. And it’s not too big of
a job, especially if you work on your vehicle yourself. Another thing that’s greatly impacted when you add really wide wheels and tires to your vehicle is your tire rods. So, tire rods are relatively thin. If you take a look at them, it’s kind of surprising how thin they really
are, when they’re a major component in the steering of your vehicle. So, by adding all that extra weight that you’re putting
further out, your tire rods are working harder to
pull your wheel and tire in or push it out depending
on which way you’re turning, and that added stress
on those cause cracks, and eventually potentially a break. So, if you want to replace your tire rods with something else, there are some kits, like higher-end
kits from like Kryptonite, or some of the nicer kits on the market that do come with updated,
new and heavy-duty tire rod ends, but the
original tire rod itself is still gonna be that
thinner piece of metal, so you still do have a weak point. And essentially with all
components on the front end, the stress is just
gonna get transferred to whatever the weakest point is. So if you have a beefier tire rod end but the tire rod itself
is thinner, the tire rod end might be fine, but
now your actual tire rod is going to snap, or so on and so forth, it kinda goes down the line. So there are a couple options
for getting upgrades there, if you want to look into different kits that are on the market that do offer those better tire rod
ends so that helps it out a little bit there. If you keep going down the
line, further into the truck, the other issues that
you run into on HD trucks or on older trucks would be your pivot arm or your idler arm, those
components, same thing. As long as your tire rod and
your tire rod ends hold up, then that stress gets
transferred to the next part, being your pivot arm, and
again, that’s something that is impacted by steering and adding the extra weight on the
outside is just pushing and pulling all the time, and that’s where the added stress comes from. So, those are also something
that, if you’re buying a lift kit for your vehicle, usually there’s a new pivot
arm that comes with it, which is stronger than the OEM variant. So, a lot of times, if you’re using a lift kit that retains
those factory operated control arms, they’re gonna
be at an extreme angle which puts extra wear and
tear on those ball joins. So that’s something that
you’re gonna want to look into, either A, buying a kit
that comes with new upper control arms, or looking into
options with Uniball kits, I know Fabtech offers a
really great Uniball kit, or you can also consider
going to a different style of upper control arm
that isn’t necessarily with the kit, but they
offer them separately, that offers a Uniball
kit, or just upgrade to some Move suspension products,
we really like those. Those are super heavy duty
and they work really well. Or check out Kryptonite,
they have a lot of options for GM trucks, we do carry
some of the Kryptonite products on our website, and they’re
one of the only companies, actually, that offers upgraded wheel bearings for GM trucks also. So, is it possible to
run super-wide wheels? Do we run super-wide wheels? Absolutely, and it’s kinda one thing, if you’re an enthusiast and
you like building trucks, or you like building
cars or it’s something that you just understand, when you put after-market products into a vehicle you decrease some reliability
whether it’s performance parts or suspension or
wheels and tires, because if it’s not how it came from the factory, it’s not how it’s designed to work. But we all say screw that because we love the way that our trucks look. Guys, if you have any other questions, feel free to drop them
in the comments below, or shoot us a message
on Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, wherever,
we’re all over the place. Peace. (rock music)

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. My experience with my 2009 Silverado installing the lift kit with 140,000 miles on her is that Yes, a few months later new ball joints and wheel bearing were needed, just on daily city driving, so I decided to learn who to work on my as much as i can. Thanks for the help, CO.

  2. Parts are replaceable… How boring is it to live life under the "manufacturer recommendations"… I wouldn't know, x14s on everything.

  3. I'm a fan of small wheels and lots of tire (on a truck). The functionality of small, sort of light wheels + big tires > huge, heavy rotating mass with low profile tires on a 4×4.

  4. Using Kryptonite on my Duramax now, only running 10 wides but I'm not taking any chances with steering components
    Front end is beefed now!

  5. For anyone that reads this a 12 wide on a spacer is worse than a 14 without spacers

    It's not how far your wheel sticks out its how far the inside of your wheel sticks out

    So a 24×16 with a 4.5 backspace will do the same amount of wheel bearing wear as a 10 with the same backspacing

  6. they will wear the fuck out of your paint. that is for sure. pretty dumb on a 50K+ truck. ya mud flaps help or fender flares help but it can still fuck your paint. no thanks for ghetto wheels.

  7. You guys should do a series like fitment industries does, where they pick a couple trucks from the gallery and rate them 1-10. It'd be really cool to possibly see your own truck on a video

  8. do a monthly front end check and if you're gonna travel to different state check front end make sure is tight stock parts will wear out within 6months at 15,000 miles I got 3inch lift spindles running 33s on 22×12 -44

  9. trucks that can’t tow , suck fuel ,can’t turn and the wheels fly off every couple years .
    But screw that we love the way they look . Wide wheels thug life 😏😏

  10. I think you are mistaken when it comes to wide wheels adding extra weight because the weight is on the wheels touching the ground and here you are making it sound like the truck it's getting heavier and compromising the axles but the truck is not getting heavier;The rolling mass of the truck is what is compromised. The additional weight puts a stress on the hub and bearings and other outer suspension components also you are not changing the mounting point neither unless you use spacers , I do understand that you're talking about your tie rods being compromised; that you are correct, but not the weight of the truck,the weight of the truck does not increase until it meets the ground,the truck is not pushing downward more into the axles just because the tires are heavier,correct me if am wrong!!😏😏

  11. Guess I’m just lucky. 14wide w/37s on my f150 3.7. With 60k on the wheels 110k on the truck never replaced tie rods or bearings 😂

  12. If you’re wheeling it, this kind of changes. But these set ups are for the tow vehicle not the off road vehicle anyways. My set up killed my wheel bearings relatively quickly once thy started seeing actual off roading.

  13. Subscribed. Love the videos. Do you guys ship to NS Canada. Would love a price on a set of black wheels and tires for my 17 f250 lariat.

  14. You guys should partner up with a company and start manufacturing heavy duty tie rods, also, there's a segment of people who you guys neglect and those are the ones interested in 26 inch, 28 Inch, and 30 inch rims I never see any segments for that ordinance if you show some love for everybody who would pull in more subscribers and customers thanks👍✌🤙

  15. Do you have any recommendations on protecting the paint as you mentioned…my 4runner front doors are taking a beating since putting aftermarket wheels on and they don't even stick out tht far.

  16. Well I checked your web site, not only is it not a secure site according to google, your calculator showed 0 matches.

  17. I don’t understand why guys want wheels that stick way out. It would be one thing if guys ran bigger fender flares and 37 to 40in tires. All I see is guys running 33s to 35s that are 14/15 wide and over half the tire sticks out. Then they have huge 6 to 10in lifts. They look like jacked up micro machines, or like they ran out of money and couldn’t afford the right size tires. I would take my 40/13.50/17s on my f250 on a 4.5 backspace that stick out a couple inches over that look anyday.

  18. I prefer 0 offset rims anyways even if it means I can't run much bigger then a 13 wide tire. The weight stays centered but even more stress is added to steering. Having a solid front axle helps as well. I dont mind the rough ride I have a car for the long road trips.

  19. I have a Jeep JKU and just blew a ball joint after 11k miles. I'm currently running a 20×12 wheel on 35" toyos and a 4 inch lift. I also bring my Jeep off-road which isn't great for ball joints.

  20. Hey Fuller I'm looking to upgrade my 2016 Ram 1500 from 17's to 20X10's -12 offset. I know I need a leveling kit & I'm looking at the Zone 2 Adventure series. I just want to know if this is good enough or should I also swap out shocks, etc? Very little off roading however I'm a landscaper and pull a trailer 90% of the time.

  21. Don't give a shed about Chevy's What about Ford's they're Built better. How wide can I go without having problems with my FORD F150 2018

  22. I had a truck come in with 14 in wide tires because the driver rear snapped the axle rod so we had to replace the rear end

  23. If you own a dodge then yes it will ruin your front end. But even the stock front ends fail so you may as well look good

  24. Sorry, really wide and ludicrously tall wheels make no sense. Crappy ride, crappy turning, crappy parts longevity, but to each their own. In my opinion, though, crappy looking as well. I’m all for modifying something, but within reason and within the range of marginal safety.

  25. What are the best companies that make "true directional" wheels that ARE NOT forged wheels for the people (like me) that have a lower budget?

  26. I would add that when the vehicle is in forward motion, the wheels naturally want to go outward(toe out), so manufacturers intentionally make alignment specs slightly toed in to combat this. Throw on some wide rims and tires with a large negative offset and you're adding tons of stress on the suspension. Especially the tie rods. Also, driving here on Michigan roads is absolutely sure to destroy your suspension and wheels, factory or otherwise. Not sure how Wisconsin is but Michigan is 3rd world. Good info in this vid though.

  27. It's real simple. If you want to play it safe on a daily driver 12 wides on a 1500 and 14 wides on a 2500. Unless you want to get into the world of obnoxiously expensive upgraded steering parts then do whatever.

  28. Hi my name is [email protected] i have a 01chevy surburban 1500 5.3 4×4 that had 16inch rims and wheels i found a good deal on 4 pair of 17in rims will.it hurt or help my truck cause I wanted it to look beastly help do i need spacers cause it srubs when turn

  29. G’day mate. I’ve just brought a 1990 Hilux with 33” mud terrains. The issue is when I’m driving quite regularly the car just goes off on its own, and feels like it’s doing what it wants to do, like it drifts off track, it’s like a shopping trolley. Is it the tires that are causing this or something else?

  30. For guys that love lifted trucks, stop doing body lifts. It looks dumb as hell when your axles look like they are about to touch the road

  31. The worst thing is the offset. if you had the wider wheels, but the offset put the weight on the same part of the wheel, you wouldn't have any major issues. Guys trying to get a ton of poke with silly offsets and spacers are going to see alot of wear on the ball joints and bearings. The extra weight of the wheels and tires is just harder on the drivetrain, for the most part.

  32. i have a 06 expedition xlt 2 wheel drive and i found some 17×9 with a -12 offset wheels completely stock truck i was wondering if those would cause problems or if it would be fine

  33. So no matter what if we want to give our truck a better look it will keep on fucking up every now and then..i just leveled mine and i was gonna go with 20’ rims -44 off set and 33’ and within a few video I’ve seen that i have to trim steel, i will break up bearing , i will possibly need a spacers, new lug nut, new alignment, fenders flares and after spent 4-5 thousands you’ll know that probably was better to keep it stock !!! I’m totally confused..

  34. So I have a 2010 Chevy Silverado 1500 4×4, with some 18 by 7.5 wheels ome. I’m getting a level on it, it already has some cut out around the insides of the finders. What would be the biggest tire I could run with that set up?

  35. I've got a 2010 Silverado 1500 Z71 4×4 with a 3.5" level lift. I bought heavy duty tie rod ends from RC, and had them installed. I currently have a set of 18×9 with a 33" tire and 0 offset, but I'm looking at getting 20×12 -51 with a 33. I am not going to be running any spacers, so how bad will the damage be?

  36. The manufacturers spend millions designing suspensions wide wheels just mess it up. I think tires sticking out of the wheel wells look dumb.

  37. I own a 2005 f250 super duty trying to go 20x14s but I’m scared🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ anyone in here has 14s on f250?

  38. So I get a popping in front of my truck..I don’t have an aggressive offset or anything..with no spacers..full fox length coil overs in the front end and the rear..so like idk what’s the issue..are my tires to wide? They are 20×10 with like -12 off set

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