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  1. This method works sometimes. It's not a works everytime type thing. Depends on the film your taking off. If it's really old and purple it ain't coming off

  2. Stupid video…you can do that pulling tha Windows tint only…don't need trash bag…wasting time…fucking glue still there.

  3. I remember one time I went to this spot and the guy asked if I had full coverage I asked why and he said it’d be easier for him to smash out all my windows instead of removing the tint

  4. As the 409 gets over spay all over the seats …. I would really be pissed off if they did not cover my seats and inside area ! In fact, now I know to make sure the next place I go does it right !

  5. Hopefully this works on the headlights to my car, yes someone decided that be a great idea 🤦, it was like that when I got the car….I hate it 😕

  6. He fucked up…!!! He forgot to cover the back seat with plastic so the chemicals he said don't get on the seats 😂!!!

  7. good idea & thank you for sharing…
    also, you succeeded in ruining your video by playing THE ABSOLUTE STUPIDEST background music ever.

  8. if everything else fails use a gun, a 9mm will be fine but 45 acp is best lol. this dude got a piece out, must me tinting in the hood

  9. But could One not augment the trash bag technique with just pouring some rather hot sunbaked water on the outside for good measure before starting the Peel?

  10. It's not the method that mad it come off clean it's the type of adhesive used on the tint. I've been tinting 30 years I've used this method hundreds of times. Depending on the tint it comes off or the glue is left behind. Actually that tint would have come off without any adhesive just by warming it in the sun the only time to use the bag method is on really really old purple tint and then you still need to scrub off the glue with a fine steel wool

  11. This has me concerned. Not the video, but the fact that YouTube suggested the video. I've been wanting to remove twenty year old tint from my truck and BAM! These pros are showing me how all of a sudden. Thanks, much appreciated. 😎✌👍

  12. Is it even safe for the interior to have overspray of 409 on it from getting bleached or damaging leather?

  13. I hate the smell of 409 terribly but this is a neat trick. I will give it a try. The last owner of my car put the tint on themself… did a horrible job

  14. Just to be clear,, dont peel the tint beforehand? The 409 is between the trashbag and the actual tint i assume. I cant tell, as it must be a light tint. Very well performed procedure though! Thank you!

  15. Does this work if the tint is in the glass.? I’ve done this 6 times today. Doesn’t seem to do anything.

  16. Omg! I wish I saw this video before I attempted to remove my rear tint with a razer blade and destroyed my defrosters!!!

  17. It's much easier to just use clear film lining. You know. That clear stuff protecting film adhesive you remove from glass film before you install it.
    It's glass film. Not window film.
    I've been tinting glass for nearly 40 years now and have never once tinted a window. Windows are holes filled with glass.
    It's PRECISION GLASS TINTING. Not Precision Window Tinting. Grow a freaking brain. And go waste some trash bags while you're at it.

  18. i can't get the trash bag to stick after spraying it with the cleaner, does it need to be wet with water first? or is it the type of trash bag?

  19. Quit complaining about the music. Turn off your volume and learn from a professional widow tint removal video. Jeez.

  20. This just totally worked! The black trash bag had to be done in layers (big window) the bag didnt do anything but attack heat.
    It started peeling in 12mins w heater on high on an 85 farenheit day.
    I think the heat and the ammonia is the key. My husband gave up after following exact method…but his tint was 30yrs old.
    If it doesnt work…keep it warm & ammoniad until it peels.
    Absolutely no glue on my window. Awesome!
    Thank you so much for this tip!

  21. Just did this today on a used vehicle we purchased that had windshield tint. Worked flawlessly and only have a few spots around the inspection sticker were the glue stuck. Thanks for saving me a hassle!

  22. This method actually works. I had old purple tint on my windows and it came off with this method. Thanks for the life hack.

  23. Does it have to be a black trash bag? It's 98F outside, is that hot enough for this to work with a clear trash bag? (I have no idea why my roommate bought clear trash bags!)

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