WOMD 93 l Haute Horology Watches from G Perregaux, Breguet, Nardin + More (Gary, This Is for You!)

WOMD 93 l Haute Horology Watches from G Perregaux, Breguet, Nardin + More (Gary, This Is for You!)

hello everyone and welcome to another
edition of what’s on my desk doing this episode as a shout out to one
of my viewers the guys name is Gary Smith which asked me a question in one
of my last Q&A hey Roman I know dress watches are not
the best sellers nowadays but by any chance you can do it what’s on my desk
featuring haute horology dress watches and I’m doing just that today and I picked
three pieces from Breguet from Chopard and Girard Perregaux that could not be
any different from one another but they certainly fit the theme of dress watches.
First let’s get the obvious out of the way what am I wearing I’m wearing a
dressy watch and I’m wearing a Ulysse Nardin hour striker with a lapis
dial won’t get into details on this watch because I’m gonna do another
what’s on my desk back to back to this one and I’m gonna talk about this watch
first let me address the fact that dress watches are still good sellers and
the reason for that is because majority of people out there still prefer the
look of a dress watch where a lot of my clients still feel that an Off Shore is
not exactly a way to show off a classy watch and that’s what dress watches
are they’re still classy watches that date back ages for a lot of these
company including Girard Perregaux which is the watch I’m going to start with right
off the bat let me direct your attention to what it says underneath the Girard Perregaux logo it says the year in 1791 that’s how old Girard Perregaux is that’s right
it’s a very old watch company that dates back to the late 18th century now what
is this watch this is the 1966 anniversary watch some guys are not big
fans of anniversary pieces or limited edition of anniversary pieces a lot of
these companies do that I actually am a big fan because it reminds a collector
reminds you watched it or anybody out there that’s into watches the
significance of the history of the company that produces these watches and
this is actually a great piece of history so let me take you guys back to
the 50s and the 60s 50s in the 60s was a very active and successful period Girard Perregaux numerous patents were achieved during this time period and the most
successful was the gyromatic that’s right and I’m gonna show you the back of
the watch it’s this little metal rotor back here that winds the watch it was
introduced in 1957 and then nine years later in 1966 they came out with a gyromatic high frequency was a watch on the bracelet that looked surprise surprise
very similar this one in fact the only difference between the one here and the
one I’m sure Ian will pop up on the screen it has the scale going around the dial other than that the watch looks exactly as it was produced in 1966
so this was the watch that marked that anniversary they made it in a couple of
variations with gold hands with steel hands obviously it is an automatic
obviously it’s a gyromatic, what I like about this watch is the fact that again
it is a throwback in history to a very very very important watch in my eyes an
iconic watch in my eyes one that did a whole lot for the watch industry as we
know it today they made them in a limited run of 50 pieces surprise
surprise 50th anniversary it makes sense right and this is a very simple
understated dress watch as you see it now it measures at 38 millimeters
which I feel is the perfect size for the watch it’s not too thin it’s also not
too thick this is a watch that screams history this is a watch that screams
class and this is a watch that also celebrates a very important milestone in
horology let me show you how this watch sits on her wrist it’s perfect for my
small wrist I’ll tell you that right away look at that
classy dressy just a beautiful beautiful beautiful timepiece from Girard Perregaux
and once again let me stress the fact that this does mark the 50th anniversary
of an extremely important step in horology which is the gyromatic I won’t
get into the details of how the gyromatic works but I’m sure you can pull up some
old vintage ads from Girard Perregaux that really explain what that really does I’ll give
it a pause so you guys can check that out it’s in 1967 the year following this
watch Girard Perregaux received 73% of all certificates that were issued by the
observatory that year that’s a hell of a feat if yes right because the only
issued so many and sure go got 73% of them that year
pretty big deal and last but not least let’s talk about the price tag $18,400 for this watch brand-new that’s what it retails for today you can pick
these watches up on the market probably brand-new around the half price mark
maybe even less again due to the fate that a lot of the GP’S have suffered over
the last few years but nevertheless a hell of a dressy option at a hell of a
price for a hell of a piece of history if you ask me. Moving right along
I brought a Breguet how much classier can he get then with a Breguet right
reference 5247 chronograph from Breguet at a glance a bit of a busy dial but once
you take a closer look it’s actually very good use of real estate if you have
a look at the watch typical Breguet I turn this watch sideways I don’t have to
show you the face you’ll tell me right off the bat that this is most definitely
a Breguet nice large size this is a 42 millimeter let me just compare that to
the Girard Perregaux so you can sort of see the difference in size here right
not much bigger but definitely a bigger presence on the wrist and let me do that
let me put it on the wrist love the strap nice rich crocodile strap with the
stitching it’s a nice little touch with the stitching I feel like because this
is a chronograph this is gonna fit onto that dressy yet somewhat sporty
collection of watches as I like to deem that and of course last but not least
let’s look at the Machine look at that unmistakenly Breguet beautifully decorated
open back movement a beautiful movement every day that’s such a good job showing
off the movement it’s just absolutely gorgeous love this little chronograph
won’t get into the history of Breguet with you guys I did an entire video
dedicated to the history of Breguet once retails for $46,300 to be exact and today you can pick up the swatch on the market
brand-new where anywhere from 30 to 40 off and on a secondary market this watch
can be picked up around that half-price mark maybe sometimes even less
definitely a hell of an option for a dressy watch if you ask me again with a
company with lots of lots of history lots of innovations under their belt an
unmistakable look of Breguet there’s just some watches out there that if you
look at them from afar you can pin about to be many various brands Breguet just
one of those watches that you know there’s a Breguet on your list and again
something a bit outside of the norm would a bit
more sporty look for the car I like what they did there keep him with the dressy
traditions keeping with a classy look yet adding a
little bit of that sporty into the watch allowing you to have just something a
bit different if you look at some of the other classic models a lot of them look
the same so what does chronograph stands out like a champ if you ask me last but
not least Chopard right when people hear Chopard watch guys here Chopard they automatically think about happy diamonds right those those ladies watches I have
the floating diamonds in it they think about jewelry they think about various
things like clowns and animals and bears and all kinds of funky little jewelry as
well as high jewelry you know Chopard make a lot of high jewelry pieces to
include watches, watches is the last thing you think of when you say the name
Chopard but yet Chopard has a wonderful line called LUC which is their
precision line this is Chopard’s way of telling the world that look guys we’re
not just a jewelry house we’re are a watch powerhouse other companies like
Bulgari like Cartier and Harry Winston take the same bit at it and Chopard
probably is on par with the rest of the houses that I just mentioned where yes
they might not be the most popular watches they may not resell really
really well but nevertheless you get a lot of bang for your dollar when it
comes to Chopard watches including this Chopard LUC tourbillon that I
brought with me today yellow gold eight-day power reserve
tourbillon on manual wind limited edition of a hundred pieces they made a few
variations of this tourbillon I last remember Basel 2014 where they
introduced this watch with what they called fair-minded gold which means this
was gold that was mined fairly much like fair American diamonds and so on
and so forth they made a pretty big deal out of it in 2014 I love this shiny
crocodile strap I think it dresses the watch even further the buckle is nicely
done as well the folded buckle where it doesn’t take up a whole lot of real
estate on the outside but yet it’s a pretty heavy-duty buckle on the inside
let’s talk about price obviously with this being a tourbillon an eight-day power
reserve tourbillon at that this watch retails for a $142,000 where in comparison to some of the other big boys let’s say like AP
or Patek this is actually fairly priced based on what you get based on the fact
that this is an 8-day tourbillon, what’s the resale value this watch well the fate of
every other Chopard watch especially the high complicated ones the ones that
carry a high retail price tag today you can find this watch out there
as low as $35,000 to $40,000 just because on the resale end of things
Chopard does suffer the fate of a lot of these jewelry / watch houses where it
doesn’t tend to hold its value because it says Chopard I’ve had this said
Patek Phillipe on it would probably hold value much better but I’ll tell you one
thing the quality behind the LUC stuff that Chopard produces is not any subpar
to any other major watch brand Patek Philippe included it so what does this
tell you if you’re out there looking for a dress watch you have a lot of options
you can pick up a beautiful dress watch under $10,000 you can pick up a
beautiful dress watch around that $20 to $25 thousand dollar price range from a
major manufacturer like Breguet or you can go with a lesser I shouldn’t say lesser
known brand but lesser but a brand though it’s may seem lesser in the eyes
of a watch collector like Chopard or Bvlgari or Harry Winston you can pick yourself up a
complication at a smoking deal such as this Chopard LUC tourby I personally I
got to tell you if I had to pick out of the three I would have a hard time and
the reason I would have a hard time is because these are not random watches
they came across my desk like I normally do I actually went out and picked a few
dress watches out of my safe to answer Gary’s questions so when I went there
and I was picking these watches I wanted to get a little bit of history a big
known name and a bang for your dollar all of these watches are good bang for
your dollar if you ask me I’m a big fan of historical watches and this 50th
anniversary is certainly one of those watches that appeals to me from a
historic perspective and a big milestone of horology anything Breguet to me is
super iconic just because of who Breguet was and then I looked at a watch like
this which is $140 some thousand dollar tourbillon that can be picked up at a
fraction of a price a fifth of its original price tag and I’m saying to
myself while this is a high quality tourbillon that can be picked up for that
kind of money when I have a hard time picking something I turn to you guys my
audience my followers and I will ask you the question regardless of your
budget regardless of whether or not you’re buying a watch if somebody gave
you a choice just to take one of these watches would you go with it you’re our
Girard Perregaux would you go with the Breguet or would you go with the Chopard LUC tourbillon comment your answers below I would love to hear from you the
last but not least before I close out I’m gonna ask you guys another question
and that is what’s on my desk the episodes are nearing almost 100
episodes so I’m there to be revamping something in regards to that series it’s
not going away I’m gonna replace it with something else I’m not going anywhere
but ask me more questions in the likes of what Gary Smith passed you know that
gives me an opportunity to be able to actually do a hands-on answer a lot of
my Q&A is just this you guys ask me a question I answer it and nine out of ten
times or ninety nine out of a hundred times it’s nothing that’s hands-on it’s
just me answering off the top of my head based on my experience and knowledge in
the watch industry but I like these type of questions because these type of
questions allow me to do an actual hands-on and actually make suggestions
because you know when Gary asked me about how popular dress watches are and
feature some of them on what’s on my desk I love that because I have the
opportunity to go downstairs in my vault and pick out so many different watches
from every walks company price range etc etc it actually allows me to tailor an
episode hands-on episode to my viewers so don’t shy away from asking me to show
certain watches I may not have a particular watch you may ask about again
I don’t have everything in my bowl but I do have a pretty good selection in the
very least especially what a broad questions such as dressy watches that I
can put forth onto the show tell you a little bit about a history a little bit
about value which are the things that you guys I know love to hear. Other
than that guys thanks for tuning in as always like comment share subscribe hit
the bell button what else is there oh yeah that’s it I’ll see you guys next
week watch you

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