Women According to Cars for Women

Women According to Cars for Women

According to the new ultra compact SeatMii
by Cosmopolitan, modern women want to drive something that says hey, I might be ambitious
but that doesn’t mean I’m not still feminine and superficially judged. Something that can still turn heads with an
eggplant and champagne color palette, pearlescent hubcaps and eyeliner shaped headlights that
will make all the neighbors say hey, is it just me or are those headlights vaguely reminiscent
of a cat eyeliner shape? According to practically every car designed
for and marketed to women, we are just as terrible of drivers as everyone thinks we
are. Cat’s out of the bag ladies. Stretching back to the 1936 Packard which
was advertised as an exceptionally good choice for the woman motorist, lady cars invariably
emphasize their ease of handling. Translation: Even a woman can drive it. According to Volvo’s 2004 YCC model, women
always drive while wearing high heels, hence it’s floorboard especially designed to accommodate
driving in stilettos. What do the classic Dodge La Femme, Cadillac
Baroness and Buick Shalimar all have in common aside from being massive lady car flops? They all supplied the one thing that women
are looking for inside a car: a coordinating umbrella. And for lady motorists looking to go that
extra mile, I’d recommend going with the 1955 Dodge La Femme because not only do you
get an umbrella you also get a coordinating rain cape and bonnet. Whatever lady cars might lack in reliability
and performance, they more than make up for in match-y match-y accessorizing that we women
practically live for. Case and point the 1967 contest where women
could win a mustang matching a Tussy lipstick in one of three shades: racy pink, racy pink
frosted and defrosted. Once everyone at work finds out that your
lipstick matches your dipstick so to speak, honey, you’re in line for a raise. If your car contains more clever storage compartments
than an IKEA organizer then you know it was designed with vaginas in mind. And the especially savvy special Buick Tampico
also came with a camera cubby and binoculars to satisfy our lady penchant for stalking
exes who done us wrong. Last but certainly not least expensive, the
2018 Lamborghini Urus, not to be confused with the Toyota Yaris or someone just mumbling
the word uterus, women need cars because we’re the only one driving kids around which is
why the luxury line’s very first SUV was targeted straight at super-duper rich moms
or even not-mom’s because according to the Lamborghini CEO, women, whether they’re
working mothers or not, are simply the ones always transporting the kids. I guess if I don’t have kids to transport
around at least I’ll have a coordinating umbrella!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. My favorite vehicle for women are trucks that are obviously owned by women
    You know, the one's that have bumper stickers out the wazoo saying variations of "Trucks are for GRLZ"

  2. the old cars that you showed didn't have electric steering so if that particular car was easier to drive i understand why it would be targeted at women

  3. The stereotype that women have no idea how to shop for a car and/or are incapable of doing research should probably get it's own video.

  4. Oh, please do one for men too ("Men According to Cars for Men"). That would be entertaining and educating to have the both of them 🙂

  5. Things like automatic transmissions and power steering, whether meant for women or not, make cars easier to drive for all these days hence it's not only women that are the reason for cars that are stupidly easy to drive today. And while those statements about women always being the ones driving kids around did surprise me negatively, guys have always been driving kids around and there have been thousands of cars designed to be driven by any adult to ferry kids around. Besides… I, as a car enthusiast, always get excited to meet a girl that appreciates the more difficult parts of driving (shifting, etc) as well as performance and quality. So it's not like the car world "prefers" if girls never cared about performance and quality… I for one, really want the average girl to care more about performance and quality.

  6. So I know I'm supposed to be offended by marketing etc, but can we just add all these perks to all cars?? Cuz I want more storage space and a freaking egg plant colored dashboard! Without the sexism, please…

  7. Actually, it is scientifically proven that Women are the better drivers: https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=women%20are%20better%20drivers

  8. I cannot believe that this has been invented in the 21st century! I'm glad you see reason and shine light on how ridiculous this is. Great video

  9. I think modern car commercials are pretty ridiculous too. Most of them try to show cars as some LIFECHANGING things, epic music plays, manly man drives a car on a mountain road, big words like freedom, beauty, peace, passion, soul are used. IT'S JUST A FUCKING CAR, NOT A RELIGION, CALM DOWN!

  10. Why not just buy a car that's a good bargain/good performance balance and like plasti-dip it or something in whatever color you like? If you want a car with purple accents, just remove the pieces and paint them yourself (just research the paint first!) 🙂 My bestie did this and her yellow car now has a matching yellow and black interior that looks really cool!

  11. Women like different things to men
    Only feminism can make this an issue to fight.
    Maybe because all the real battle have already been won.

  12. Omg this makes me remember getting a car ad pamphlet over-designed for women, it was a red car and around was a bunch of red items with words like "as stylish as your nailpolish/purse" etc, ridiculous. As if those things are on women's minds when investing in a car. Do cars really have to be "cutely" colored for women, car is a car, not a purse. Ease of use should be targeted for people who effin want "no fuzz easy to drive" cars. I mean these days some cars park themselves and thats cool not sissy

  13. The whole idea that women are somehow terrible drivers by default is just another example of men projecting. Statistically, women are better and safer drivers.

  14. Can you please talk about the lack of superhero toys and products for young girls? Example: Disney has owned Marvel and Lucasfilm for years. Little to no Leia, no Gamora, no Black Widow toys. AND though Rey is the heroine of The Force Awakens, she is overshadowed by Chewbacca (a preexisting character), Poe (not even in half the movie), BB-8 (a droid), Finn, and Kylo Ren. I'd love to hear what you have to say about the topic.

  15. Can you please talk about the lack of superhero toys and products for young girls? Example: Disney has owned Marvel and Lucasfilm for years. Little to no Leia, no Gamora, no Black Widow toys. AND though Rey is the heroine of The Force Awakens, she is overshadowed by Chewbacca (a preexisting character), Poe (not even in half the movie), BB-8 (a droid), Finn, and Kylo Ren. I'd love to hear what you have to say about the topic.

  16. So sexist of them, selling women the product they wanted. They should have just shouted at those women and told them to be more masculine.

  17. I am not a feminist by any stretch of the word. But the mere fact that there was so much evidence to back how 'women geared' cars are much different in design and functionality than more 'men geared' cars just goes to show how oppressed women still are in today's society. We are still treated as the 'weaker and fairer sex' even though society has gone out of its way to debunk that thought process. We are the ones who must always have our outward appearance in mind (thus the cars with the matching umbrella and raincoat) while the men can let their hair down with more active cars- hence the introduction of the sports car and all the luxuries that go along with that such as motocross and that one stretch of road in Germany that I cannot remember at this time. While I appreciate how men are allowed to have specific things just for them and women are allowed to have specific things just for them, I would just once like to see a car designed for the 'house husband' in mind. Just food for thought.

  18. At 1:58 > "Once everyone at work finds out that your lipstick matches your dipstick"? Is this a car for WOMEN, or for CROSS-DRESSERS…? 《GRIN》

  19. yes we know the world was more sexist back then, but they were really just trying to sell more cars by appealing to their audience. seems pretty irrelevant now

  20. As several of your earlier blogs have note Madison Ave & ilk have often tried to "target" women…with varying degrees of success. I am bemused that in the beginning "Miller Lite" was developed for the female beer drinker. It was repurposed with the Tastes Great?Less Filling" ad campaign…

  21. Funny and on target as always, Cristen … but I do defend the automakers' part when it came to "ease of driving" being a selling point to women. A full-size sedan in the days before power boost gave real meaning to the term "Armstrong power steering"! (Been there, drove that. You had to have a lotta arm strength to horse the car around.)

  22. Honestly, I could use some adjustable pedals. Not necessarily for stilettos, but a lot of my shoes are at least slightly heeled, so the pedals cause my ankle to be in a really awkward position. I have brake pedal fatigue if I'm driving for more than an hour.

  23. Wait, am I such an awful driver because I missed the driver's ed class about how to use my penis is supposed to be used
    to operate the vehicle?

  24. Well. In the automotive industry there's a proverb. If you don't like it don't buy it. Automobiles are expensive products sold to customers to fulfill all kinds of expectations. Looking good is one of them. And both women and men are targeted using different products best suited for their needs.

    Moreover the Volvo prototype shown in the video was developed mainly by an all women engineering team to fulfill the needs of the lovable and adorable sex.

  25. The state of girls and women in the car scene is dire to say the least, happily though motorcycle riders are increasingly female.

  26. Times have changed and feminism has less utilty in the actual western society. An example for this, is that she needs to take examples from sixty years ago to make a feminist point. Today car advertisements are never targeted to one sex, but more to class and acquisitive power. Cars are sold as a status tool, as a symbol of success and prestige, and a symbol of freedom and independence when targeted to young people. I call this video BS.

  27. Hey, do you have some sort of established process for your research? Your reviews on marketing campaigns are really interesting.

  28. Not gonna lie, I'd totally buy a really feminine pink car! I guess I just never got over my love for the color pink. 
    But obviously not all women share the same taste in cars and style, so why advertise non-feminine specific cars only to men?

  29. There's nothing wrong with liking or even wanting these features, but the problem comes in when it's assumed all women care more about these things over the actual functioning of the vehicle, which only needs to be "easy." Like, I wish I had piles of cash just lying about waiting for me to buy a car to match my lipstick.

  30. can you say mini van yep spread the legs n fill it up lol and all the cars females like are crappy built volkswagon beatle toyotas etc n fiats n minis are the worsts lol

  31. You joke, but have you ever spoken to new car salespeople? One of the most common things women ask for is "color", both interior and exterior. While women are generally just as good drivers as men, it's parking where they're deficient. This was proven when it was discovered that most women have trouble with spatial awareness. This causes some nasty parking jobs and bumps especially when trying to parallel park. The old features about the umbrella was because in those decades women absolutely refused to get their hair wet because it would ruin all the hours of styling at the beauty salon and cans of Aquanet.

  32. is it so horrible that a mom actually WANTS a car that seats more kids and is extra easy to drive because she doesnt have the interest in the high performance aspect as another person? most people period dont know what even constitutes actual performance except for people who think of automobiles as a passion… and there is a lot of dudes in it. i build race cars for a living. yes, there are some women who have that passion, but a lot of these stereotypes like storage, focusing on aesthetics or popularity, and creature comforts ARE things that TEND to be more focused on, or asked for, by females. not that the males know what the hell they are talking about half the time when it comes to high performance (meaning getting between point A and B, regardless of conditions, faster). i see lots of examples of how silly it all sounds and making fun of it, but most of my male friends ripped out their interiors to lose car weight and sacrifice comfort, while i've met an extreme few women who did so. i have no opinion either way in belief, i only know what i see, and WISH that women showed as much interest in these things as men did, based on what i have personally whitnessed as a profesional in this industry. it would be so nice if there weren't "chick cars" and that it wasnt consistently a sausage party within the auto industry. my best employee was female who did it as a hobby and just wanted to learn more… but it IS rare. there has to be more than simple cultural standards holding people back when even those who arent into cultural standards have no clue what kingpin inclination is or why it matters. i cant speak for all males but id love it if women proportionately showed the same level of interest as males in these, no one is stopping them, and as far as i've seen in my little corner, are extremely supportive, and treat women far more positively and with more respect as a community and individuals when they are doing it for true interest…. it just happens sooooo rarely. so its definitely not men in the auto industry or the motorsports world, and culturally i dont see women having trouble pursuing any interest thats goes off mainstream, COULD there be some genetic trait that makes women have less interest in the mechanical and performance aspects of cars and instead lean toward things like comfort and appearance? id love to see someone approach it purely scientifically and not just mock the dumb crap marketing agents came up with, but see really why there seems to be such correlative data that supports what marketing people do.

  33. I love the tongue-in-cheek self-deprecation going on here. Also, I had no idea the Urus was marketed at women to drive their kids around in; that makes me like it a whole lot less.

  34. Not gonna lie, that Lamborghini Urus looks fucking awesome and I would but one if they change that dumb name.

  35. For early cars it made sense to market ease of use because they didn't have power steering. Women are generally weaker than men and have less physical stamina, so depicting your car as easy to handle makes sense if you're trying to market to women.

  36. The trend of cars for women being easy to drive starts stuff like synchromesh, lighter steering and power steering.
    Early cars also used to break down a lot. So you needed to be fairly competent in auto repairs.

    I'd like to see a 50kg woman manage to drive a carburated 2 ton slab of metal with no synchromesh and no power steering. If she does, then she earns my respect and I take her out for dinner XD

    But let's look at cars aimed towards women today. Now most cars have tons of safety features, are ridiculously easy to drive and most are automatic. It's no longer a question of strength. Today it's about storage space, comfort and style. And the two types of cars that fit that criteria are SUVs and hatchbacks/ compact sedans.

    Stuff like the Audi A1, Audi A3, BMW 1, Mercedes CLA… 90% of the people that drive those cars are younger women. SUVs are primarily aimed towards women with families. A woman sees the 5-star safety rating, the massive space and the dvds for the backseat and she is immediately taken in. Little fact, modern SUVs as a concept are made for women. Not talking about offroaders. I'm talking about pavement princesses with AWD and a bit more ground clearance. It's shameless marketing, but anyway.

    The standard woman sees the car as a tool to get from A to B. If said tool looks stylish – bonus points. She wants a safe car with a trendy interior, a basic infotainment system and as little maintenance as possible

    Men who are interested in cars see the car in another way… A man wants his car to scream power and aggression. Be fast and slick. I go and look at a C63 AMG Mercedes and I don't care how many baby seats my car can hold, or how many cup holders it has… If it has enough power to start sliding, everytime I go near the throttle and sounds like the God of thunder having an orgasm, I will buy it!

  37. I hate this way of thinking cause it goes both ways, i am a man, and i dont get it, like the ''category'' of hairdressers car, fuck it, so if i want to drive a driver focused 2 seat convertible like an mx-5 or even the screaming s-2000 they called it that way, i have to be a girl or gay? No logic at all, or with small hatchbacks, to grow a pair i will need to sell my small, agile ,easy to park, to tax ,to use everyday and fun to drive car , for something big and angry yeaaaahh, now my penis is bigger. Lamborgini will lose a tone of family guys who need something with more than two seats and they gonna buy again a Cayenne etc. Also i need an umbrella and matching color car ahhh, haha.Someday ill have a matte pink Rx-7 drift car with a school run sticker or wifes car sticker just for fun and ill have an enormous beard while driving it. Also some girls know how to drive stick, they know really good.

  38. Lamborghini URUS = New LM002
    Not just for women (no one care for the female market) and also it was made for the Dakar competition.

  39. lol. u do realize even the most car savy women have pink detailing on their cars? 😛 also, if a girl knows more about her car than its color that is a mayor plus in my eyes. but guess what: car shows r still mostly poulated by guys and girlfriends of guys.

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