whoa this is gonna be so cool I’m gonna
start this car a little bit higher up here give it a nice push hopefully this
makes it around the first loop here we go launching in three two one what is going on Sharers, welcome to the
vlog welcome to another awesome day if you ever noticed we’re not at home we’re
actually in the car we just landed in California we’re going to do some pretty
epic stuff today hop on in so if you haven’t already hit that
subscribe button and join the best family on YouTube the Sharer Family and that’s
right sharers we’re gonna see the world’s rarest Hot Wheels cars check
this one out this is a bad to the blade Hot Wheels we’re also going to surprise
one of the most epic fans ever to give you an idea of how epic this fan is he’s
recycled over three hundred forty-eight thousand bottles and cans but enough
talking let’s get out of the car and let’s go surprise this epic fan sure is
this is Ryan Ryan what’s going on cheers we got our buckets what are we
gonna do right we’re gonna go to the beach and we’re gonna find like Rick
some treasures type stuff and recycle and stuff yeah and do we use these
things to pick them up whoa okay we changed some merch up we
got Ryan’s merch oh and Ryan’s got armor on we’re finally at the beach so let’s
uh let’s start looking yeah I’m gonna go over here I’m gonna look in the dune
section here Oh some trash oh look at this big piece of plastic not
good we gotta put this in the bucket yeah that is not good to put in the
water yeah Ryan found a plastic bag Gatorade bottle Oh a bunch of trash over
there one Red Alert let’s go let’s go let’s go
whoa whoa we faster career item was the Hot Wheels car that is cool that’s a
cool item the file a few moments later okay so we finished
our beach cleanup really spent like not very long we got all this trash check
this out my buckets so heavy filled with trash everyone’s bucket is like
completely full check out all this trash if you go yes the Sharers remember me
please make sure to pin it back to yourself if you want to help recycle you
can check out ryan’s website Francie’s get yourself some
of his awesome merchandise oh yeah okay we got the beach cleaned up let’s head
over we’re gonna go check out the most rarest epic hot wheels ever let’s get in
the car let’s go let’s go let’s go check this out we are at Hot Wheels and inside
behind this door are some of the most epic life-size Hot Wheels ever I think
we’re gonna go inside open this door check this out oh my goodness
chairs check this out over here we have some of the newest Hot Wheels cars ever
using the 50th anniversary Hot Wheels cars becoming a custom orange color this
is an awesome epic Camaro it’s even got orange leather seats on the inside it
looks so cool and even has Hot Wheels badging on here this is a car you can
buy in real life you go to the car dealership right now and buy this Hot
Wheels car that’s how epic it is and they even have a convertible version
check this out Orange Hot Wheels convertible car how
cool is this got the racing stripes got the awesome needles he’s got awesome
oranges I don’t know if I had to choose between
the coupe or the convertible I’d probably say the convertible the chairs
that gets even better before I show you Sharers these cars have all broken world
records and they’re super rare you won’t ever see them anywhere else
except for here so let’s check out the first one this is a Hot Wheels trophy
truck it has the world record for the longest distance jump ever just look at
this car it looks insane it only fits one person because this entire thing is
like a roll cage for protection I mean look at all the switches on this thing
what is going on I would have no idea how to drive this thing
there’s switches here there’s levers there there’s some crazy steep there oh
and look at the shocks on this thing they’re absolutely huge I don’t even
know where the engine is I think the engines like somewhere back there I
would I wouldn’t know how to drive this car sure as this car is totally insane
but if you thought that was crazy this car over here has a world record for the
biggest move ever this thing is so cool this car might be
small but it did a complete loop-d-loop totally insane again this car only holds
one person as well it’s even got a net to keep you in oh and check out the wing
on this and look how big this is well I don’t know if I could drive this car
either all these cars looks so complicated to drive oh and then check
this out this car has a world record for the most corkscrews I don’t even know
what to call this car but look at this thing it’s not like wings for
aerodynamics there it’s crazy shape and it’s only one seat over the thing is
this car you only drive in the center there is no left and there’s no right to
the car it’s a straight Center car you sit right in the center it’s probably
set up so you can do all these crazy corkscrews it’s got an insane suspension
look at the spring on this thing this spring is super long and it’s got the
epic green shared geenie color look at this in the same color that’s on the
beetle bug same color that’s on the Sharerghini
it looks totally epic oh and if you thought that was crazy sharers check out
the back of the El Camino this is insane this is
probably the coolest way to power a car ever I mean just look at this starting
back here you don’t even know what’s going on you got a giant tank here you
got even more tanks over here and then all the way back here is where you see
what this car is powered by this car is powered by two jet engines these jet
engines are insane look how big they are they’re absolutely giant I would be so
scared to drive this car I think you’d probably have to flip this tailgate down
because the jet engines probably just blast off like crazy like and the best
part is sharers these cars actually works you can actually get inside of them
check this out this one might be quite a struggle but just kind of go like this and then hop on in whoa you go so far
down inside of this thing check this out whoa sharers this is so cool look at this
you got this awesome steering wheel you got a gas pedal and a brake and then you
got this crazy speedometer gauge and then I think this is how you put in the
gear so you got Park reverse neutral low and high you just shift it into gear and
you just stop on the pedal and it probably just takes off well could you
imagine driving this thing this is so crazy
there’s nothing around you but open space crazy shocks big radiator whoa
this is so cool oh and that’s where you put the key to start this thing Oh
ensure so I can get out of this Hot Wheels car the next one is even cooler I
think then you get now so much easier whoa okay check this one out this is the
bad to the blade Hot Wheels this one is so cool looks like a Formula one racer
but stepped up look at this crazy aerodynamic wing like that man looking
thing it’s got like carbon-fiber suspension parts here
it’s got drag racing tires I don’t even know if I could fit in this
thing look how crazy this cockpit is you were just like fit in there perfectly
get all strapped in and probably I would say this thing probably goes like I
don’t know I’d say this thing probably goes like 300 miles an hour just look at
this thing this is insane oh and look at the back whoa look at
this I don’t even know what comes out of here but this probably flames or heat
this is one crazy Hot Wheels car I mean just look how big the back tire is this
is probably the widest back tire I’ve ever seen whoa and sharers I figured out
how to get into this check this out you lift this up and then you just climb in
like this whoa this is so cool oh my goodness
sharers this is the coolest before ever whoa it’s super tight in here and then
you just close this down and you get ready to go I’m ready let’s drive this
thing okay that thing’s got too much power
let’s close this back up wow that was crazy and then of course we have a hot
list car made all out of metal blocks look how cool this is I don’t even know
how many mega boxes would take the bill I’m gonna say it probably took like
three million I mean literally every single thing is made of mega box even
the inside of the wheel here look how crazy that is
this entire thing the steering wheel the seat every single part of this car is
made with mega blocks so Sharers these are all the Hot Wheels cars they have in
this room today they switch them from time to time so next time we come back
there might be even cooler ones here I don’t know we’re also at the Hot Wheels
factory so we’re going to do so many more cool things today so come on let’s
go we got so much to do let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go who also Sharers
check we’re back inside the hot wheels factory
and they have like the world’s biggest Hot Wheels track ever they got giant
loops here they got more loops here and then
now get over here they have a huge 13 foot loop how awesome is this and to
launch it you have to go all the way up here on the second story
send your Hot Wheels car down to go do this entire loop and then end up in the
hundred point bucket all the way at the end will this even work I have no idea
but there’s another way to find out so let’s grab a Hot Wheels car I’m gonna grab three just in case I got
this awesome blue one check it out I also got this formula racer one and I
got an awesome yellow Corvette one I’m gonna go up to the second story
we’re gonna launch these three cars I want you to come up which car you think
is actually going to make it around the loop we got the yellow Corvette so
common half say yellow do you think the Corvette is gonna make it hatched a
green if you think this dragster car is gonna make it
or how to take blue doing this epic blue hot this car is gonna make it
but there’s only one way to find out so let’s go to the top and let’s watch
these cars let’s go let’s go let’s go whoa I cannot believe this
cheers to launch this you literally have to go to the second story of the ball
and then there’s a ladder to get to the top of the track Wow
okay hey check this out no way this is awesome
and then it’s straight down from here whoa this is gonna be so cool
okay there’s the top of the track the Hot Wheels car is gonna go down and it’s
gonna loop across that 13 foot loop that makes that it’s got the smaller loops to
go to and then the crazy amount of small small loops one big one at the ends and
all the way into the 100-point bucket will this even work I have no idea but
uh only one way to find out let’s start with the drag strip car all right okay
here we go okay let’s launch this car here we go
launching in three two one okay let’s try that again I’m gonna
start this car a little bit higher up here give it a nice push hopefully this
makes around the first loop here we go launching in three two here we go three two one it was so cool Sharers the blue who are
actually made it that was that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and there
you have it Sharers that was our day at Hot Wheels and best of all we’re leaving
with some awesome Hot Wheels swag we got some epic super rare Hot Wheel cars in
here and until next time you know what to do stay awesome and share the love
peace whoo!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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