Worst First Cars To Own

Worst First Cars To Own

When it comes down to,
well you know picking up your first car, when your
maybe a little bit younger. A lot of times we wanna get the
fanciest thing in the world. I remember when I got my car,
the first car I wanted to get was a 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 in red. Because that is the best
car to work on, reliable, low interest, it’s got two doors, you only need two you don’t need four. And like their was no comprehension of just how terrible that
platform was to deal with, when you’re not as experienced
as somebody that’s like 40-years-old and has 10 of them. And sometimes we’ve made
that mistake in the past. A lot of times the cars
that we want to own, especially when they’re our first fun car, first sports car. Just happen to be some
of the most reliable, some of the less, not very fun, and sometimes just down right not the right car to buy at
the right period of time. And that’s what we’re
here to talk about today. So I’m Alex, ALEX.FI on Instagram and today we’re going to be talking about some of the top worst cars to own when you’re just jumping
into buying a modified car. Let’s get into it. So the first car on the list would be your 2010 and above Chevy Camaro’s. Right now, they are a
fantastic car to drive. Don’t get me wrong and they’re
an absolute ton of fun. They’re loud, they’re fast, they’re quick. There’s just a couple
of problems with them. First off, when it’s your first car, it’s a very difficult
car to inherently drive right out of the gate. You can see absolutely
nothing outside of that car, ’cause the A frame
pillars are so damn big. Compare that on top the
fact the car is a little bit expensive, and you can
actually get a lot of bang for your buck on a lot of
different cars that can get you some of the same experience. Chevy Camaro’s are sometimes a great time, and sometimes not so much of a good time. And since it is a 2000 plus or newer, a lot of times you’re still paying a little bit of the new car bro tax on your engine modified parts. Sometimes it’s just
good to buy an older car even though nobody wants to. And if that’s not enough
to scoot your boot, you also have to deal with the fact that you got a big ole V-8 underneath the hood which is going to ultimately result in some less than stellar gas mileage. I know, you guys probably
don’t care about gas mileage, but back in my day that was
$5.40 a gallon son, all right. It was expensive, I remember because I remember
having to fill up my tank and it was like $97. And my car was not a $97
gas tank kind of car. Next up, is one that
probably a lot people might get a little bit mad at, but don’t be mad at the messenger,
okay, don’t be mad at me. But it will be a car that a lot
of people are familiar with. We would recommend staying
away from sometimes, depending on if you do
your research or not which would be a Subaru WRX. Now, you have to remember that
Subaru WRX’s are great cars. WRX’s have always been great cars. They sound fantastic,
they’re all wheel drive so you can drive them all year around. Their a ton of fun, their
sporty, they look aggressive out of the gate, and they’re
actually pretty cool cars. But when they’re your first
car that you’re trying to own, a lot of times you can make
some pretty rooky mistakes when buying this kind of platform. The first and most notable mistake is not understanding what type
of car that you’re buying. Because most Subaru WRX’s
are absolutely thrashed on, they have modifications up the wazoo that were all done in a garage
that nobody actually knows. There’s maintenance papers every where but no where at the same
time and for some reason, the car makes a blow valve noise, when you’re not actually putting anything down on the gas
pedal to make the noise when you let off. There’s somethings that
are just a little finicky about Subaru WRX’s and they’re inherently not the most reliable thing in the world. You can ask anybody that tells
you good ole spark plug issue or they make fun the fact that
oh well at least I don’t have to deal with the rust
and the quarter panel or, oh hey at least mine starts. Well like sometimes bare with me, Subaru WRX’s can be great cars
and sometimes they’re not. But the unfortunate part
about it is the fact that Subaru WRX’s when you are
buying one you’re taking a little bit of a risk. You don’t wanna take risks
when it’s one of your first cars that you’re,
you know, modifying. And did I mention the fact
that pretty much every single Subaru WRX just happen to
somehow and for some reason be a cop magnet. Not saying that the 17 or
16 year old you is, you know an absolutely outstanding
citizen but in terms of like what they’re going to perceive you as, they’re probably gonna give you a ticket. Because guess what,
you’ve got a loud exhaust and your car is blue and it’s got a big ole
exhaust out the back. And they don’t like that. Another car that seems to
be one of the old days of Subaru WRX, which would
be the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Now if you guys remember the
Mitsubishi Eclipse, I do too. And, ripped to Mitsubishi,
but that’s besides the point. The Mitsubishi Eclipse
used to be a fantastic car to go and buy and modify. And it used to be the hot
car, it was actually like I would argue the car before
the XRT-4 became the car. The problem is that Mitsubishi
Eclipse’s don’t inherently have the greatest
reliability in the world, and because they’re kind of an odd ball in terms of what people would pick up these days. Not a lot of people are willing
to take care of them before they opt to sell them. A lot of times they make for
a fantastic, you know daily driver with some terrible tires
on the front that somebody just dumps the clutch every
single time to do a little bit of a like front wheel drive squeal. And Eclipse’s just aren’t that
much of a platform anymore that people really want
to spend time around. We haven’t seen to many
Eclipse’s, at least up here in the north side of the country. Where the purchase
ultimately was a good one because a lot of time there’s
a ton of issues with the car just straight out of the gate. Keeping those Eclipse’s
alive are a lot like keeping talons alive, it’s really hard. We’re moving on to the
other side of the fence, the one car that every body wants to own. The one car that still has
the bro tax, that looks good, that feels good, that drives fun. That like, you, you’re like the
guy or gal that has the car. And that car is the Nissan 240SX. I mean it’s the car,
it’s like the drift car. You don’t even have to
drift and it’s the car. And for people that want a
240SX if it’s their first car and they never purchased a car
before in their entire life. This is gonna be probably the
worst car that you can buy at the same exact time, and here’s why. Nissan 240SX’s are only two
door and they are inherently the toughest cars to actually buy. They face an enormous road tax on them, they face an enormous
amount of wheel and deal and punishment from people that
have owned them before you. And they’re just not a great daily driver, they’re not practical
in pretty much any way. Now there’s gonna be a couple
of people argue out there that say they are because
they have backseats and a passenger you know
seat and their car runs and there’s nothing wrong
with the K-A or S-R swap. And you can definitely daily
drive it and then usually that just, those comments
actually never happen. We haven’t dealt with anything
like that in the past. But the thing that’s gonna
keep you out of a 240SX isn’t the fact that I’m telling
you not to get one, it’s the fact that you’re
budgets not gonna allow you to grab one in the quality that you want that’s gonna make it a
good car out of the gate. A lot of times those cars
have gotten insanely expensive with bro tax because, (hand clap) why not? Because it’s a 240 and that’s
just how it goes these days. If you wanna pick one up, and you do have an endless money pit, I mean you could go nuts. But in terms of if you
had an endless money pit, there’s a lot of other
cars that you could pick up that are gonna do around the
same thing except better, run better, look a little bit nicer, be a little bit more reliable, not be thrashed to bits,
and they’re gonna be okay. And the last car that we
probably recommend that you stay away from I know you love
just hearing us talk about it, but that would be a Ford Mustang. Now, Ford Mustang’s are fantastic cars and I absolutely love them, I
think they’re one of the best bang for your buck cars you
can get out there right now if you’re looking for something
fun, rear wheel drive, sounds fast, and can
actually sometimes be fast. But for a car that you’re
just looking to pick up for your first car or maybe
your first car to modify. I’d probably recommend
staying away from it. The fact that their rear
wheel drive is initially a reason to stay away from. A lot of times because
they’re rear wheel drive and their a little bit burn out happy, a lot of people end up making accidents. Cause guess what, when you’re
young, there’s this thing called testosterone that they
teach you in health class. And a lot of times you
wanna do things you wouldn’t normally do in front of
your mother and when you do those things that you
wouldn’t normally do in front of your mother, you usually mess them up. Because you didn’t watch the other videos, where I say that you should
go make a fool of yourself in a parking lot, you decided to do it in front of your high school. Then you end up making a mistake and then the video goes
on YouTube and then you have to pay the insurance bills, and it’s just not an over all good time. Ford Mustang’s are
fantastic cars to pick up once you have you’re other
car that you’re actually going to daily drive. The Ford Mustang is not the
car that you would daily drive and if you’re looking for
your first car to purchase, I probably recommend
staying away from that one. But if you can get over the fact that they are rear wheel drive happy, love doing burn outs, and
you can deal with the fact that it gets terrible gas mileage, you’re probably not
gonna have any money left from your Taco Bell biweekly paycheck because you have to deal with the fact that you’re a young folk, probably a male, and has to pay insurance. Cause guess what, insurance
companies don’t like you and for some reason they can
charge more if your a dude between 18 to 25, and that’s okay. Which, I feel like it’s not okay. But that’s just how the world works. There’s another reason that
we probably recommend staying away from the Ford Mustang. Sometimes when you’re looking to get into your first car,
you gotta go with something a little bit more moderate. A little bit more
conservative, if you will. Maybe not something
that’s turbo charged V8. Or a you know super loud
obnoxious two door coupe that’s meant to do drift teases and skids and things like that. Sometimes you just gotta
to pick your battles, pick a simple clean car,
maybe an old VIP Saloon put it on the ground in
some nice wheels and tires cause guess what? Not everyone needs to go
a million miles an hour and if you’re looking to
pick up your first car, it’s probably gonna be
best if you couldn’t. I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, let us know in the comment section below, what you want us to talk about next. And of course if you’re looking for wheels, tires, suspension be sure to check out fitmentindustries.com We will see you later, peace.

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  1. What is the worst first car you owned? Let us know! Don’t forget to check out www.fitmentindustries.com

  2. First car 1995 ej1 Civic, 2nd Car BMW grey market 1982 728ia, 3rd Car 1989 Chevy Camaro RS, and 4th 1970 Pontiac Firebird. I still have em all 🤘🏽

  3. before even watching this video i knew they were going to talk about this car the 4g eclipse its a love hate relationship

  4. I agree with the mustang despite being my 2nd car, but i feel like exceptions can be made when your career is nothing but cars

  5. How about a 2013 Scion FRS, that is experiencing the rocker valve issue and camshaft sensor at the same time. And then, the warrantied engine comes with a timing problem and bent pistons.

  6. I see no mention of anything n54 or n55. Hurts my heart a bit cause those are a hassle and a half to modify and I was foolish enough to get one as my first car to modify!

  7. My first car was a 2006 Nissan Altima SE R

    1) Nice Body Shape
    2) 260+ HP (NA no Turbos)
    3) Fairly Reliable
    4) Understated (Never Pulled Over)

    The only mods I did was an Injen Intake & Magnaflow Cat Back w/ an UpRev Tune and it was super tasteful.

    Only exterior mod I did was a black front grille.

  8. 1st car: 97 Toyota Avalon(totaled)
    2sc: 00 Mitsubishi Galant(sitting in garage)
    3rd: 16 Altima(sold it)

    Now took my galant apart trying to do a vr4 conversation….might have to sell my body for more money…somewhere in life this gonna become someone’s barn find😂😭😭😕

  9. I still own my s14 its mint as a daily and my third car but the cage and gutted interior racks up attention from cops good and bad……

  10. My first car was a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. My first project car was a 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4. Both of these cars have the 6g72. I hated working on my Eclipse because the engine bay was so tight so idk why I thought the VR-4 would be a good idea

  11. I had a 04 v6 5speed mustang about a year back and being 19 in az it was 330 a month for state minimum liability, definitely wasn't worth it

  12. Gotta admit Alex is a kinda right on this one! First car was a 2007 Mustang got into my first accident bcuz of hydroplaning, and it’s also a deer magnet got hit by a deer twice. And now I have a 2009 Eclipse GT and got pulled over 3 times in 3 days, I mean like yea my registration was expired but goddamn not like I was speeding or anything 🤣

  13. "You got a loud exhaust and its blue and it has a big ole exhaust in the back" that's me. Surprisingly I've never been pulled over, and yes it is my first car and it's been a pai. in the ass cuz of its issues

  14. This reminds me of a guy who wanted his first car to be a Trueno… and considering in Trinidad, Trueno parts were … how to put it: "difficult".

  15. I got a 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse (22k miles) as my first car and she didn't give me any problems even until the day I let her go to get a new car. It looked good, drove well, and kept me happy. So there's that.

  16. lol I would say the 1999 v6 Camry is probably one of the best choice for a first car, not my first car but I have one. I’ve driven a lot of cars and the camrys are really easy to drive, very reliable, quick, and super quiet(unless u straight pipe it then it sounds like an animal) and u have room for all ur bros and hoes. Also parts are insanely cheap and with some wheels coilovers and tint it won’t look like your grandmas car. Lol comment what you guys think of the 4th gen camrys are they good? Or not?

  17. If you can find a stock 240SX from someone that hasn't modified it and keeps it stock, they are hella reliable. 300K-400K miles isn't unheard of from the stock KA24 in the 240SX. The issue is finding a stock model.

  18. My first car was a 1979 RX7 SA22c. Fucking money pit and I hate it, now I’m trying to get an MX73 Cressida or a turbo Volvo 240 wagon

  19. The a pillar on 2010 camaro’s actually are a big problem I have almost pulled out in front of a car because the massive a pillar blocked it

  20. My first actual car I bought to own and modify was a 2004 WRX with 230k on the odometer, and lemme tell ya…
    Didn't even last me until the winter.

  21. I went from a Toyota celica (auto) to a 2002 Lexus is300 5-speed, very rare car to find. & I'm trying so hard to keep this car alive lol especially while im in college. A lot of older cars (1995-2005) are so hard to keep up especially buying from a private owner. You know its a risk but you never fully know all the things wrong with the car, it becomes one expensive repair after another.

  22. 1st car: (17yrs old) 1998 Camaro v6 blew the motor after 30 days replaced it 6 months later and wrecked it after a month lol
    2nd car: 2001 Camaro V6
    3rd car: 1998 Mustang Gt
    4th car: 2010 Camaro SS
    5th car/bike: 2004 Gsxr750
    6th car: 1991 N/A Nissan 300zx- Money Pit
    7th car: 2004 Dodge Ram
    8th car : 2004 GMC Sierra
    9th car: (26 years old) 2001 BMW 325I
    Still have the Camaro SS, 300zx, Sierra, and 325I
    Of all my current and past cars I think the 300zx would be a bad first car lol I've sunk quite a bit into it and still am as I'm swapping an LS into it now. The bleeding never stops. The 2010 Camaro, on the other hand, have to diagree I love that thing I've cammed it and have had no issues. I was even a broke college student when I got it.

  23. my first and current car is a semi clean 240, bought it for 3800. never had any issues, but lemme say this… NO ONE WILL THINK ITS COOL UNLESS THEYRE INTO CARS!! most people just think i drive a piece of shit, and i know for a fact they they talk trash about it behind my back. also any time i’m doing anything with a girl i gotta take my moms car… ain’t nobody wanna ride in a loud exhaust, no ac, stiff ass suspension POS😂😂

  24. my first car is my current car which is a nissan pickup… i know not something special but i love it because it is a rear wheel drive manuel car… it only has 160hp

  25. S13 was my first car and it was great. The KA was enough power to learn how to properly control the car without getting into too much trouble from speeding tickets. The hatch is more practical than the coupe since the large storage area when the rear seats are folded down. Also as far as reliability goes, a NA KA is really hard to kill. BUT stock for stock the e36/e46 is more car for the money. Good luck

  26. But I own a mustang and I do daily drive it with ZERO issues, gas mileage is not terrible at all as long as you know how to DAILY drive the car lol, and I feel like you didnt actually give the 2018-2019 10 speed auto mustang any justice, the car is doing 8 seconds on the drag strip once modified, its still a brand new car, not to mention it shares suspension parts from the Shelby GT350 and GT350R… I surely guess you are just a JDM enthusiast and you dont like V8s which is totally fine, I mean the whole video is reflecting your personal choices, so I can respect that 😀

  27. Worst first car for a car enthusiast: a new Camry. It won't break down so you can't practice wrenching and you're stuck with it for decades. For the same reason, it's the best first car for non-car people.

  28. A Mustang would be my first car but I'm not a teen…just an extremely late bloomer…..and that rim that is behind Alex's head, broooooo is super dope 😎😎😎

  29. I bought my 2016 camaro 2ss I have loved it every single day and I agree the 2010+ are hard to see out of but just get the 2016+2ss and you get the blind spot monitoring and boom ur set lol

  30. Got to agree with the WRX.
    Own a 2005 STI at age 20 and that thing eat everything I got in my pocket.
    Full tank of 93 is around 60, only take 3 day to burn the full tank. Got pullover endless time for exhaust, hood scoop and window tint.

  31. I always speculated the GTR was supposed to be the newer VR4 or the newer Eclipse.
    Both are turbocharged 4 W.D.
    It makes sense.
    What do you think?

  32. At this point the 240SX's for cheap are all banged up and broken or are in need of major surgery just to run in a decent manner, The 350Z is the new "240" because even when they are murdered out they arent standing on a platform that was lost in the 90s along with all the OEM parts

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