Would We Buy a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Again?

Would We Buy a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Again?

about a year ago cars.com bought this
2014 jeep cherokee as we do for all of our long term test cars we wanted to see
how it held up in terms of maintenance reliability general drivability and gas
mileage over an entire year with our editors here’s what we found we bought a
four-cylinder cherokee limited with all-wheel drive and a few other options
for a total sticker price of thirty 3375 dollars now editors really like how the
car road we also like cabin materials especially
in a class where a lot of SUVs throw harder cheaper textures kind of up where
your arms and your elbows land one other feature we like the UConnect touch
screen system here at 8.4 inch system in the center of the dashboard we got ours
with navigation very easy to use very intuitive simple menus weren’t quite as
thrilled with the navigation system itself the interface looks kind of a
little bit low-tech here and doesn’t allow for a lot of things that other
features allow for a lot of other cars certainly have a smartphone allows you
to kind of zoom in when you pinch and swipe the map can’t do that on here we weren’t big fans of the Cherokees
mushy handling or pokey acceleration now much of the second factor came because
of the 9-speed automatic transmission a high tech unit that unfortunately
suffered rough up shifts hesitant down shift and sort of this tendency to often
bang in the third gear over all gasp biology after more than 16,500 miles put
the car our best tank was 31 miles per day on
our worst tank with 16.8 miles per gallon and overall we averaged 20 3.4
miles for down so pretty close to the cars epa combines mileage now we have to
bring our charity into a jeep dealership multiple times for software updates to
the transmission and that actually turned out to be just the tip of the
drivetrain iceberg right around the 13,000 mile mark we got a check engine
light and the engine stalled a couple times so we brought it in again the dealer found that the entire intake
manifold various hoses and an engine management center were all drenched in
oil so cheap eventually decided the Yankee
entire engine take it back and see what the heck happened to it so what you see here is a replacement
four-cylinder engine for our cherokee which cheap maintains is standard
protocol they didn’t just do this because they knew that this car belongs
to a media outlet couple other maintenance tidbits we had to our changes though one was by
way of replacing the entire engine plus an update to the UConnect system which
doesn’t seem to have changed all that much so how much did this all end up costing
us well despite the fact that it was undoubtedly thousands of dollars of
maintenance we ended up spending less than a hundred
dollars out of pocket because the only things we had to pay for were new wiper
blades an oil change and tire rotation everything else was covered under
warranty so here we are at the end of the year and the question really becomes
would we buy one of these cars again well there’s a lot to like about the
cherokee but there’s a lot of issues we’ve had with the two couple of those
with the drivetrain repairs and i gotta say we think we pass on the Cherokee and
buy another small SUV instead next

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. You would have thought almost a year and a half into production that the transmission issue with the ZF 9 speed would have been fixed. Now the new Renegade has the same issues, besides being a general piece of crap build-wise. Fiat build quality will be the death of Jeep and Chrysler. Sorry for your problem, but these Jeeps will be the models that people avoid like the plague in the future.

  2. I have my doubts about buying this car or the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2016. After watching this video, my doubts tips the scales over the Hyundai side.

  3. Having a horrible time with my jeep and its transmission. Ive taken it in 2 times with not even 5000 miles on it. The transmission flash's didnt do a thing…might have even made shifting worse. Setting up another appointment because it held second gear for about 6 seconds while of the line, then shook the whole vehicle. Does not feel safe to drive.

  4. .  My 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk is the worst purchase that I have ever made.  None of my complaints have ever been fixed and the transmission fails and disables 4WD and cruise control every time that I take it on the beach..  Since the software recall, this has been the worst shifting Lemon of my 62 years.

  5. Doesnt surprise me one bit that it had issues its a brand new redesigned vehicle (its also the first vehicle with that 9 speed transmission) so its a gamble for sure. The 2015 model had the majority of the transmission issues fixed. I wouldnt buy a brand new redesigned vehicle like that, wait for a year or two later. Especially in the cherokee's case, look at the previous models and then this one, massive changes.

  6. …@ 1:48 what DEALERSHIP does an engine swap for FREE! even under warranty ————> number 1

    ,a 2014 anything with only 13,000 miles should not be leaking oil everywhere ———> number 2

    ,this is NOT a jeep just because it has jeep badging! this is FIATS-uv  ———-> number 3  (fact)

  7. We have a very problematic 2011 Grand Cherokee . We’ve tried to work through numerous issues with it at dealers and still have numerous issues with it. It has been the worst vehicle by far we’ve ever owned. Vehicles will have problems but the reason this is the last FCA vehicle we’ll own isn’t specifically how terrible the new Jeep has been it is how poorly Chrysler has treated us when working on the issues. Honesty and transparency go a long way and we’ve had none of that from FCA. Just one example, we were strung along with the widely known TIPM issue for nearly 2 years before they admitted an issue and pushed that half-*ssed relay “fix.” Even getting basic questions answered has been near impossible time and time again. US has recently crazy fined them for dropping the ball on dozens of recalls, they rank terrible everywhere (even their own dealer surveys). Australia ACCC has many complaints, list goes on. They say they are getting better but we’ve recently (this month dec 15) tried to work with them again on yet another serious issue with our Grand and it is just as bad as always. At least they are not making a product customers trust their lives with,,, oh wait :-

  8. I have a 2014 Cherokee Latitude with the V6. Transmission replaced under warranty with only 28,000 miles on the vehicle. All recalls, and updates done, about 33,000 miles and more visits, the PCM or Power Control Module failed causing my Cherokee to almost strand me on a business trip. As much as I love this vehicle, I have to concur with Cars.com that this is not a good buy until FCA gets this right. I should have bought the Grand Cherokee instead, as it is allot better vehicle. Also the new Kia Sorento is amazing too.

  9. I one for a month well my rubicon was in the shop. First couldn't find the button to open gas door, was very low to the ground, had no gps and I felt every bump. Not even close to a wrangler drive.My mother ownes a renegade not a big fan of the look but the drive is so much better then the Cherokee

  10. Videos like these are scary.. Ive been a ford guy forever, my 05 Ford Five Hundred has 185,000 miles on it and still runs till this day with some trans slipping issues but I still use it>

    I bought my 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk V6 last May 2015. Ive had it now for about 9 months and have 23,000 miles on it. Im averaging about 2500 miles a month. I average about 20mpg on gas, mostly city driving. I believe the Trailhawk has a Tranny cooler and maybe this helps it?

    The only problem Ive had so far is a couple glitches were the touch screen wouldn't change a station or turn on my heated seats, (turn the vehicle off, open and close doors and restart) and problem is gone, other then that it has been Awesome.

    The front squinty so called headlights are actually federal regulated daytime running lights, the headlights are actually the middle row of lights below.

    The Other thing I didn't like was that the factory headlights were kind yellowish like most standard 2013 and before cars, while the daytime lamps are a brighter white slight blueish color, so replaced my headlights with a whiter temperature bulb to match them up and that cost me about $35 bucks

  11. The FDA should have tested this Jeep Cherokee and all the other vehicles the 9 speed is in. They take forever to make sure the drugs people use are safe before release. Not enough real road driving was done on the installed transmissions with average people before it was put into full production. We would have made sure this POS never hit the market in this horrible state…

  12. Have a 95 jeep Cherokee sport 4.0 straight 6 damn thing is bullet proof would never by a fiat I mean Chrysler product of today just total junk

  13. Mine is a 2015 diesel, I'm a furriner who would buy the same again or perhaps the V6 petrol next time. Auto is a bit clunky in the lower gears but it's a great SUV to drive and it tows very well.

  14. Two oil changes: one was a complete engine replacement.
    Okay then. <scratches Cherokee off list of small SUVs to test drive>

  15. The 4 cylinder is a waste of time with this vehicle. The V6 is much, MUCH better and pulls very hard when you want it to.

  16. Just got done 4 wheeling a few hours ago in 2015 TH and have had no problems. Earlier on they did have some issues but that has been straightened out.

  17. The limited is way over priced, I got the latitude for under $20k out the door. 2 years and 75k plus miles and only done oil changes, filter (cabin/air) changes, wipers, tires and 2 software updates…. and if anything does happen i got the MOPAR unlimited miles lifetime warranty! covers everything but maintenance items, fluids, filters, brake pads, belts and bulbs. Cost $3k from MOPAR (not some 3rd party), can take it to any dealer for service and get a free loaner car.


  19. I just got a grand cherokee 3 week ago, put 600 miles on it and its been at the dealer for the last week geting the engine ripped apart. I told them I dont want that jeep back unless I get a new motor. They said thats not gona happen! I said then I wana new jeep, they said not gona happen! So Ima have to fight it out!!! After 600 mile I dont want it back!!!

  20. was looking at these, 2011-2014. hearing more bad then good. defective transmission, coolant leaks, being made cheapest they can. look how thin the carpet is when you open the door. most i have looked at, the seat mounts were rusting already. wtf inside the car is rusted. quality has definitely dropped from the 2004 and later models.

  21. Just bought a used 2014 v6 4×4 Latitude. 39k it drives like it is new. But we also bought the Mopar warranty. I also own a 1999 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4×4 4.7 with 220k, still runs and drives great. My 2001 Cherokee i6 4×4 developed the low oil pressure problem at 110k. We replaced the lower end, oil pump, etc, still no fix. The i6 engine is legendary for going forever, but that wasn't the case for us. Gotta believe lady luck has something to do with it all. Crossing our fingers for the 2014 Cherokee.

  22. 2016 2.4l owner here:
    I'm 29000km into ownership and just past the first year of owning it, I've had the following issues 1st issue at 14k was my strut mounts-knocked over small bumps replaced and lost my SUV for the day.
    2nd issue at 18k was my panoramic roof, it developed a raddle noise when the suv would flex (like going over a speed bump at an angle)-it was replaced and lost my SUV for 2 days.
    3rd issue- transmission lags so much it almost got me in a accident when completing a left turn in the middle of an intersection, lost power with the Excelerator to the floor, this happened normally at low rpms, I learned to anticipate the slow reaction-they have flashed my transmission to the new software-this hasn't helped.
    4th issue- thermostat failed-check engine light-they are replacing it today as I'm at the dealership for the 7th time this year. (Diagnostic and return for repair date )

  23. Have had this car for 3 years now and the transmission is so inconsistent. Throttle response is ridiculously poor and the upshifts are incredibly choppy

  24. i don't understand why jeeps make such bad cars… i wouldn't ever own one anyways even if they were reliable but… they all just look so cool!

  25. I really want one of these, but that 9-speed auto is still horrible, according to most reviews. If they offered a manual, or even a better automatic, I'd be all over it.

  26. Thank you for publishing the truth on these things. Jeep is nothing but a marketing tool pumping out Chrysler fiat garbage. I had two wranglers. Both had major major problems (similar to your engine replacement) within a week of purchase on the second one. They just make trash and count on marketing to sell it to stupid American car buyers.

  27. you guys are gods!!! saved my life.. found this very make nd model. was about to purchase.. thank you!!!

  28. I have had one for 2 years. Almost 100,000 kms. Only had to do regular scheduled maintenance and a few basic recalls and a computer upgrade. Only complaint? Should have gone with the V6. And ya. Sometimes it bangs into 3rd. Otherwise solid and reliable.

  29. Transmissions are a nightmare. After numerous software updates and replacing the valve body, my entire transmission was replaced. If this doesn't work I guess my next course of action is to file a lemon law complaint.

  30. Got the exact jeep. Mines been good for the most part.. A few recals, and a head light went out pretty quick. But other than that, it's ok !

  31. easily the worst car I have ever owned. I have a 1993 cherokee sport that runs better than this thing. I'm done with Jeep.

  32. Made the biggest mistake buying this 2010 Cherokee replaced two feulpumps gloplugs startermoter twice the computer and now when car heats up the car doesn't go faster then 50 km up hill just has no refs to do so starting by way off a spray can called start y bastert is the only way it works very wel known Cherokee inporter in Wellington had a go for 6weeks in the workshop I still relay on the sorry can to start my car ps that's after spending over 3.5 thousand dollars if any body could help me out what to do next would lyke to hear from y I'm baggert

  33. Wel Brian Maby a little home work do u good my one is a 2.8 l diesel crd limited Cherokee 2010 lyke to say it's in my garage but the last 7monts it's more with the mechanics cheers

  34. I just bought a 15 cherokee limited with the v6 and so far i love it. In this video, it was the i4 cylinder so i do agree with them on not purchasing that particular version again. But the v6 imo is a very nice vehicle!

  35. I have a 2016 Jeep Cherokee 4 cylinder and have had nothing but issues with the car from the horrible transmission issues (that still aren’t fixed when driving at higher altitudes??) and having the thing consume massive amounts of oil leaving me stalled without ANY warning multiple times. Before this I had a 1993 Cadillac sedan that seemed to break down the same number of times my 2016 Cherokee has. To be honest I’d rather have my Cadillac than this garbage car, at least when it broke down it was cheap to fix…


  37. Have a 2014 Trailhawk with V6 and tow package. 44000 miles. Its been great. Only one minor issue. Live at high altitude, Rocky Mountains. Tow 2 sxs cars on 18' alluminum trail occasionally. One of my favorite cars and ive had numerous vehicles due to work. I also offroaf it often.including Moab.

  38. Come on man, one bad engine out of how many? Every manufacturer has lemons, mine runs perfect, the only people who complain about the 9 speed Transmissions are women who don't know what's going on and guys who should be women

  39. I bought this car and HATE it. Transmission is garbage. I actually shed Chrysler after I took it in to the dealership 15 times and they couldn’t fix it. Chrysler paid out $7500. At the one it only had 25000 miles on it.

  40. My neighbor, who is so cute, bought one used. She's got me trying to fix it. I only have a code reader… it's got to be a crank sensor I guess, I wonder about elec. grounds too.. Point is with these cars that can be anything! Durability nor build quality: It's just not there. It's sad too cuz Chrysler was always very innovative.

  41. was your time covered under warranty? no … people don't have time this day/age to deal with this fca pos

  42. I own a 2015 AWD Latitude. There is lag in the acceleration, i’ve seen the “service shifter” message once, just got replacement tires and tried to install HIDs (worst mistake ever.)
    All electronics went haywire, wipers moved, check engine light came on an 4WD went out. After that I had to get the computer reflashed… then went it finally “worked” the computer thought the lights were on 24/7 when they weren’t and it destroyed the battery…all because of HIDs.. 😑😑😑😑 thankfully after putting factory lights back in and a new battery it runs like a champ. Still has lag in the acceleration though

  43. This is very informative, it's really an eye opener and I thank you for this extended review, I don't know if jeep has upped their game in the last 5 years for me to drop 40 grand on one, seems a hassle to deal with major issues 13k in, shit!

  44. Jeeps are just crap. That's too bad for them because even if their quality was half decent I would be driving a grand Cherokee right now.

  45. "Mushy handling" 😂😂😂😂 must be a limited thing, my trailhawk is insanely tight handling, tighter than all but a few compact sedans. Cars.com car reviews always sound more like a discovery channel reality tv show.

  46. I've had 4 jeep grand Cherokee's a 1998, 2005, 2008 and 2014. Had problems with the 2008 but Jeep fixed everything (radiator, water pump, alternator, several recalls) at low or no cost. People are dramatic especially when their vehicle fails but if you're persistent it will get fixed. I've owned terrible fords, nissans, Toyotas no car is perfect. Stop whining and complaining, Jeeps are great, fun vehicles!

  47. I would never buy a jeep again, one problem after another and the dealership won't cover. They are a piece of shit. Air conditioner and heater went out after 3years cost me $400.00 and many more problems they suck.

  48. I have the 2014 Cherokee Trailhawk V6 with 50,000 miles on it. its outside is dented so i got it for 7900$ and i love it! the only things i wish were better is the transmission as i have never got it to use 9th gear before and i wish the fuel tank was a little bigger. the transmission has been super smooth for me. its pretty capable off road and 280HP is a lot of fun. really handles well and is comfortable even for taller people in the front and back seats. Towing is great as well we put 5 dirtbikes on a trailer behind it and still got close to 20mph. i am very satisfied with this Jeep.

  49. Review a car for 15 minutes look in to it for reliability and quality gas mileage doesn't matter if it's always in the shop I'll never domestics again japanese only

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