Yahan Sub Kuch Milta Hai || Shoba Bazar Peshawar

Yahan Sub Kuch Milta Hai || Shoba Bazar Peshawar

We have come to this warehouse for an auction of government vehicles. There are some great vehicles. They need some repair works. Both recent models and old models are up for auction from 1994-94 or old to 2015-16 model Where will we get shocks for our car? I have an acquaintance here. Buying from here? Yes, not available at other places Jallat! wha are these? Tell in Pashto This is Shoba Bazar where all Japanese parts are available Body parts, engine etc Everything is available here Why this bazar is so famous? You can get any part of any vehicle here Easily available and on cheap price too stolen goods and car parts too? No No, These all are imported parts from Japan So Jallat! Parts here are cheaper Yes, cheaper. And original parts on reasonable price. and original parts of any type of vehicle are easily available here. This is called Shoba Market Any auto related part is available here. I heard that they smuggle these car parts from Afghanistan? They import these items from Japan to Afghanistan and then to Pakistan. They are imported items Via Torkham border? Yes

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  1. Watch and enjoy todays vlog at famous Shoba Bazar of Pshawar. Don't forget to give a thumbs up and share with your friends.

  2. I heard that you can purchase goods in this place with less price. please make a video, Karkhano market satara market,.

  3. I want a lot of export quality loose fabric (khula kapra), can you suggest me which market should I visit in Peshawar, Bara,, market, Karkhano or what?

  4. Bro please aik aur video bana do
    Please indus corolla 94 se 2001 model corolla ke parts par shoba bazaar me please its a humble request

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