Yard Sale Flippers Episode 1

Yard Sale Flippers Episode 1

welcome to JoeWoo’s Yard Sale Flippers
this is episode number one where we buy your items and flip them for cash let’s
make some money let’s do it and welcome to episode number one we’ve actually
already started going to yard sales Stanley’s tavern a famous tavern in Wilmington, Delaware had a lot of items for sale earlier as it was walking out
of work so guess what I went there and already looked at it we already went
shopping there and we got a lot of free items that’s the beauty of doing video
series you got to take what you can get but I’m excited because this video
series really is the brainchild of Kaley here Kaley came up to me a few weeks ago
and said she wanted to do something and she wanted to purchase some items items
that she wants and I said we’ve got to make some money so then we saw gary
vaynerchuk’s trash talk and now we’re doing own video series where we’re gonna
take your items and flip them and make some cash so let’s do a quick rewind and
then we’re on the road tomorrow for a first couple real live garage sales all
right so at my work office right across we have Stanley’s Tavern a very popular
place in Wilmington they’re doing renovations and they’re actually having
double yard sale and my daughter and I we’re going to start tomorrow but
let’s let’s whip this camera around here right click and show you guys what we
got take a look at this a lot of memorabilia things like that
so here’s a quick peek not lots left but the
Seagrams Vodka clock has a crack but maybe somebody cares and will repair it so it’s free though so
willing to see if you won’t leak again no idea what this to make a
chain it’s great so we got Pearls Soap so what this is but it’s free again and will take a look and see online get one here nine looks like it’s some
kind of sign is big Eddy wine glasses in here good morning everybody we are here
at Saturday morning it is a little after 7:15 in the morning we got our garage
sale list yes we repair prepared Kaley is there you ready to rock and make some
money yes all right let’s do it taking the view of this beautiful
bel-air before the garage sale, ok first garage sale in the books a little bit
disappointing because that a lot of cool collectibles but they were way
overpriced weren’t they yes so there was some scooby-doo cards and Kaley, he was
one guy said a couple bucks I think it was up front and then we went to check
out the guys I’ll take about ten for that
so again way overpriced it sells online for maybe 20 you could get used maybe 18
so you really got to be careful in negotiating and just be aware of prices
changing I see that happen quite a bit and then there were some Bart Simpson
The Simpsons Halloween little action figures and again the first guy said a
couple bucks like three bucks you know guys I’ll take maybe 8 to 10 for it and
again that’s really really not worth that what do you think right we didn’t see that so it might
have been picked up already the night before sometimes it happens but now is
on to the second garage sale all in all a total $12 spent over the
last day and a half at three garage sales now last night we got a lot of the
beer stuff for free the wall pictures and this big Eddie glass set of beer
sniffers we got for free it goes online for I think 40 bucks today we got the
Mister Donut mugs for three probably a little too
much the original Wham-O frisbee this one’s from 2002 for 50 Cent’s and
we got the epson printer here this is used i think two years old in great
condition got to clean it up for five dollars and online they’re selling for
somewhere anywhere from thirty five to fifty and my daughter got a free frame
for herself so more junk for the house all in all for two days worth of work
twelve dollars total not a bad hall, it started off on Friday
with these left hand brewing company beer glasses for free they’re regularly
online for about five dollars a piece the big Eddie
sniffer beer glasses a full set is going online for about forty five to fifty now
we only have eleven not a full set of twelve
however they’re in great condition we could probably get maybe twenty-five to
thirty dollars for them and Mister Donut mugs we paid three dollars for total we
see them online for about ten to fifteen dollars the Wham-O frisbee from 2002 and
its original package fifty cents going on sale online on eBay for fifteen
dollars, pears soup we have no idea what this is but this was in the bar thinking
maybe it’s in great shape it cleans it up a little bit maybe get about fifteen
dollars for this it’s a really unique sign it looks very old the Seagrams
imported vodka sign it does have a piece of broken glass in there you might try
to fix it brand new or used without any defects is $75 on eBay so we think we
might be able to get twenty twenty-five dollars the keller geister wine mirror
we saw this online on eBay and Craigslist for $45 we think maybe you
get thirty and one of the best hauls
was the Epson printer we got for five dollars it’s used it’s not in bad
condition a few years old we believe we can get 45 to 75 based on what we’ve
seen online so next episode we will let you know how much we spent versus how
much we made

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  1. Great video on hitting up yard sales! Made me laugh when your video went sideways! 👍 Just Liked and Subscribed!

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