you can buy ₹25000 Car ($500) in Canada

you can buy ₹25000 Car ($500) in Canada

We are are going talk about my Car .how i bought this ride for $500 i.e Rs 25000 i bought this Car for $500 $500 ! its $ 500 Car its ok car and nice car its manageable if you new in Country If you are new in Country you can start with old car which suits and manageable in your budget which is Derivable you can easily commute with . you can dou do not drive around you do not have to wait for bus . i will recommend you if you are new get . your license and buy a old car buy a car which is Good in Gas Small Car Gooder in gas which Derivable i can be old car it is 2001 Cheverlot Car Seat four, 4 door Its not like those Expensive Hi tech Cars some thing like that . its not like more sophisticated or Hybrid car i like it .and its suits in my budget if you are in Canada , student or immigrat you are on work permit or just landed start something which is old . so what i have done after buying it one of the Senior she was sailing it she initially asked for $1000 one of the Senior she was sailing it she initially asked for $1000 she is too old to drive it she is too old to drive it i talked to her i offered her $500 she was moving to another State i talk to her she put it for $1000 i told her i can afford only $500 and i will buy it . i will buy today she agreed and i bought it for $500 when i bought this car it it was driven 170km now it driven 200 k no maintenance issue at all the only thing i have done car or Vehicle Inspection this car is good for roads ok to drive in this condition took it mechanic Mechanic make sure its safe to drive got inspected for certified mechanic after the certificate i got the certificate its Ok beginner car its decent no chip and rust i will post more picture its ok Care for me i go every where with this i drive this its nice car if you are new in Canada just giving advice you can buy new car to build a credit for future but if buys it you have no job you still have to pay installment and insurance pay other Overheads monthly installments what you are paying for you car . whatever you rate is. make sure if you can start with old car $500 which is equal to Rs 25000/- its ok i have been driving year since last year never stooped only had some hicups while string on -20- , -30 degree there was little trouble in starting when it was gone to + weather 1 or 2 degree never get a trouble starting you can get new battery ! there many people sale used car ok kijjie you can make sure and buy it older car few years and switched new car later its ok to drive ! hopefully this information will help . keep sharing my channel thanks for all those subscriber and support Bye bye Share and Subscribe .

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  1. hello sir,how are you.please share your whatsapp,what about college admission business sir.started working on it ?

  2. Sir how can i get a good job in canada after my BCA(bachelors in computer application) so tell me any way

  3. Sir which country is better between Canada and Germany to study for partime Jobs and opportunities after completing studies and is there any scope of if I study diploma in mechanical engineering

  4. You're right sir , 1 st we need to set our hands in old car then time goes and we will have new one ..

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