Your next car may be Chinese and electric

Your next car may be Chinese and electric

– Oh my God! These guys are in Shenzhen, a city in south China
that’s one of China’s tech hubs. Electric cars are everywhere here. China has never been one of the world’s
great car-making countries. But what’s happening in Shenzhen right now
could be a glimpse into the future. A future where the world gets its cars not only from
the US, Japan, and Germany, but also from China. I’m Isabelle Niu. This is Quartz. The Tesla bros from before are actually not
your typical electric car drivers in Shenzhen. These guys are: cab drivers. Every day around noon, a food truck comes with $2 lunch
for taxi drivers waiting for their cars to charge. Shenzhen has more than 12,000 electric taxis, and they all need to be charged for at least an hour a day. Charging stations like this
are popping up everywhere in Shenzhen. Electric cars have become a big part of people’s daily lives here
in a way that just hasn’t happened in most of the West. Qiu Kaijun runs a news site
for electric vehicle industry insiders. Most of the cars sold in China still run on gasoline. The country has a long way to go before it’s fully electric. But it now buys and sells more electric vehicles,
or EVs, than the rest of the world combined. But China also has something most Western countries don’t: A government with the power to subsidize big bets that
would be too risky in a more free-market economy. The market EVs wasn’t big enough because of
their high cost, and the hassle of charging them. China dealt with that by building tons of charging stations, making up the price differences with huge subsidies, and making it really inconvenient for a lot of people to drive gas cars. In Shenzhen, if you want to buy a gas car, you have
to pay over $10,000 just for the license plate. And in Beijing, you’re only allowed to drive
a gas car on certain days of the week. Ren Bin has been a full-time driver
on ride-hailing apps for four years. Three months ago, he switched to driving this electric car. Subsidies are only part of the reason, though. He didn’t really have a choice. Recently, Shenzhen announced that in two years, drivers of gasoline cars
will no longer be allowed to drive for ride hailing apps at all. China isn’t the only country trying to tip the scale for EVs. In Germany, local governments are starting to ban gas and diesel cars. Japan has offered subsidies for EVs since the mid 90s. But China has gone the farthest and the fastest. It’s estimated that, between 2016 and 2020,
the government plans to pay out $56 billion in subsidies. The government has also thrown money
at Chinese companies that want to make EVs, even if they have barely any car-making experience. One reason for doing this is the environment; air quality in China’s largest cities is famously bad. But there’s an even more important reason: China believes EVs are the future of all cars. So it sees EVs as its ticket to dominating the global
auto market, surpassing the US, Germany, and Japan. Here’s one place that dream is being built: A Shenzhen-based car company called BYD. – Hi, nice to meet you. So this is your headquarters? – Yeah. BYD, which stands for Build Your Dream,
isn’t super well-known outside China yet. But it’s backed by Warren Buffett, and it’s the world’s
second-largest manufacturer of electric cars. It’s exported electric buses to places
like London, California, and Paris. And that’s a big deal. The government’s push for EVs has allowed Chinese companies to become
major players in the global auto market for the first time ever. Another Chinese company, CATL,
just became BMW’s official battery supplier. They replaced Samsung. In an electric car, the battery
makes up as much as 40% of the cost. If a car brand like BMW comes to rely on China for that, that’s a major change in the order
of the global auto industry. The internal combustion engines that power our cars
have been around for over a century. The end of that could be closer than we think. Batteries are getting cheaper, and EVs could be
as cheap as gas and diesel cars by 2025. Governments around the world are already setting timetables
to ban the sales of gas and diesel cars in the next few decades. When that happens, whoever is best positioned to own the EV market now
could come to dominate the global car market. In the near future, more and more cities might start to look like Shenzhen. And the whole world could be driving cars that are made in China.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. If it can’t go over 300 miles on a charge in all weather conditions then it will not dethrone the internal combustion engine

  2. China. Is moving very fast. ,I wish , India , turkey , Iran and many other countries to move as fast as China it is good for the world , but bad for imperialist Europe

  3. comment section full of American who desperately need to acquire a passport and some serious sessions on brain detox's of fox news.. and also in desperate need to increase their IQ level to the Chinese..

  4. Will never happen to me.  I may buy a foreign car (I just for the first time bought a KIA sorento 2008), but won't do electric in my lifetime.  Am currently 63.  Won't be driving for too many more decades

  5. this is all predicted…. GM, Ford and Chrysler will filel for bankruptcy by 2021…..
    Texaco spends billions trying to undermine the idea of EVs…
    save your money up for a Tesla

  6. The North American economy floats in oil, the governments (US and CA) and the big 3 know it and are "ball and chained" to big oil…. That is why EVs are a long way from being "allowed" to become mainstream in North America… The EV incentives will be stopped… Infrastructure to support EVs will not be a priority….A carbon tax (a big oil idea) will be put in place to appear green but, will never really be high enough of a disincentive to make people want to buy an EV…. China has no dependence on oil resources so they are free to make the switch…. EVs Are NOT WANTED in North America!! There…. I said it…. My next car will be a Tesla.

  7. There is diffrence between made in china/assembled in china and china made / brand. If its tesla its elon musk and elon musk is not chinese.

  8. I will NEVER buy a Chinese car and look to buy alternatives to Chinese junk every day. China is a COMMUNIST enemy and America needs to decouple from this horrific regime who stomps on freedoms and censors its people. Long live FALUN GONG!

  9. Will it be made by slaves in the re-education prisons? I'd rather walk. And Huawei are only banned regarding the 5G network – many Huawei products are in most countries – if China didn't hack into foreign governments' systems, they might be trusted more than they are now.

  10. what charging battery? is Electricity generated by the Generator? You all going backward.

  11. Never buy Chinese cars
    They will be bugged with surveilance / spyware. The cars will be used to assassinate for CCP and will be used as a weapon for totalitarianism!!!

  12. Go on to china uncensored and check out the top 10 knockoffs of foreign products. So u can see why China is a joke and how they are stealing

  13. Let's go China. I'll make my own drugs and become and engineer to get hired by Elon. At least your main export wont be these spy devices aka phones.

  14. I changed a BYD electric car in February this year. Now I drive about 1500 kilometers a month, and the electric charge is about 120 yuan.

  15. You should be able to drive into a service station switch the spent cell to a fully charged battery cell. It should not take more time than to fill up for a gasoline car.

  16. I don't even like electric cars, they aren't fun to drive , and for a cae guy like me, is not fun to drive a automatic, even worse a electric car

  17. It's will NEVER BE OF THE SAME QUALITY AS THE WEST! A country with no strict compliable regulations can nevee compete with the west

  18. No doubt the us will get slaughtered by the chinese in everything and while the political parties will blame the immigrants, muslims or iran the truth is that usa corruption is the real cause. because while china makes things affordable and wanted by the consumer the usa is more interested in making its oil, pharmaceutical, and arms industry. And since more countries are buying russian weapons for being cheaper and better the usa soon will have killed itself and wont be competitive to other nations commerce.

  19. Well… If they can make something RELIABLE…. I doubt it since Quality Control is not existing in China. They produce "mass products" not "quality". Buy Chinese and trow it away after a few uses. Waste of money!

  20. 5:37 maybe not in the USoA but in Latin America BYD is BIG TIME, from buses to cars, and yes EV's, BYD 'tis everywhere.

  21. Not for 20 years, Westerners must be scrambling to buy Chinese electric cars. In fact, China is the country with the most electric car brands, and many westerners have not heard of them, because they accumulate technology in China, electric cars are the future of mankind, and China will eliminate diesel vehicles in 20 years.

  22. The guy in this video said the accelerating is like orgasm. Maybe it is the reason why Chinese government subsidies so much on electric cars. 😂😊

  23. Consumed in China? Probably
    Manufactured in China?
    Designed and sold by Chinese companies?
    I don't think so.
    Huawei, One Plus, TCL, Ninebot, TCL, TikTok(famous but trashy), BYD/Geely buses/taxies besides these I really cannot name another Chinese product that is well-received by outside mainland Chinese consumers.

  24. It takes me at least 3 decades to start trusting Korean cars. Chinese Cars? Probably they will not catch up with either German, Japanese or Korean cars.

  25. Not gonna happen. China's electric cars are cheap. They have to sell A LOT of them in order to make any money. Manufacturing would have to move to N America to cut the tariffs and even then, America's car market is insanely competitive. 

    To build out a network in today's market place would be an extremely tall order, even if their government subsidizes the hell out of their venture. Tesla has been successful because they have been selling upscale EV's which to this point have had zero competition. By the time China gets here, if they decide to come here, everyone else will have had a head start and competitors will be established at both the high end and the low end of the market.

  26. CHINA is fk diktatur . he want to dominate in the world whit ewerything .electric car are clean but you forgeting samthing that most of electiciti china gets from Coal how fk is that is that clean ??? and fk Battery ??? non one is thinking about that only EV is clean lol stupid brainwash peaple

  27. Great Job china this is the future, electric cars are the future. I hope they sell it in the Philippines soon. Cause petrol is putting a whole in our pockets.

  28. They can make a self charging electric car, but refuse to. China is going to make a self charging long before the US.

  29. Don't hate the Chinese People for what the leaders do. it ain't their fault The people are great. Always the leaders of the countries want to screw things up.

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