ZF Aftermarket – Who They Are, What They Sell, and Why You Should Care

ZF Aftermarket – Who They Are, What They Sell, and Why You Should Care

hey everybody this is Nathan Brown I’m
the event director for FC Pierrot you watch series the paddock or have watched
this on social media Instagram Facebook etc you know we give away all kinds of
FCP euros swag sticker sunglasses the primary reason for sort of having all of
that is we sell European car parts online we don’t always have direct
interaction with the majority of our customers so one of the things that we
really like to do when we come out to these events is sort of put a face to
the name of the company so really the way that we do that is we have two
different areas of our booth we have our main sort of table area that has the
majority of our giveaway items our sunglasses stickers things like that and
then we have our vendor wall the vendor wall is really more of an information
center it’s where we put our products and products from our partners on
display to help people get familiar with them help you know physically understand
maybe what it is that they sell or what they do or why they should use them so
each one of our partners has a dedicated wall sakzi up is another one so you see
here with these two power steering fluid reservoirs this one is a ZF product ZF
box this is a Porsche branded product still the same identical ZF product
inside of it though so this this display with the bag is a little unsightly for
me like I wouldn’t normally keep it like that but that’s the only way you know
that this is probably a $50 or $100 Porsche part versus something that
probably costs fifty percent of that that’s a ZF part there’s physically no
difference they both have the ZF cap there’s not one speck of Porsche
branding on this product other than the bag that it comes in
we again we do that essentially with everything that we sell genuine on our
website if there’s a noe off aftermarket alternative that’ll save somebody money
we will let them know about it and we’re very active about that so so ZF
aftermarket is actually sort of a family of different brands Saks is probably the
most well-known they also manufacture our own TRW and lemke order Saks is
probably primarily known for different clutches and friction materials for
drivetrain and then also shocks and dampers for chassis control so again you
have you know this genuine strut right here and then a Sachs truck right here
basically the same identical part but again you’ll save you know some are
fifty to fifty dollars a corner which anybody who’s an Allman
cares about how much money they’re spending on their car $50 the corner is
200 bucks so that can do all kinds of things for you and all these friends are
very high quality they’re proven in the industry and the things that you know we
feel good about selling to our customers and you know it’s the kind of thing that
you know if your sister your grandmother your mother your father brother or
cousin uncle whatever it is you know you feel safe with providing
these people with these parts and knowing that they’re going to work for

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  1. I noticed this when I was buying purge valve, blow off and valve cover pressure puck on my VW 1.8t. VW has a list of there oem suppliers for which parts broken down on there site. 99% can be bought at 1/4 the cost of (Genuine parts)

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