ZUS Smart Backup Camera (FULL REVIEW & INSTALL) – Make your OLD CAR…SMART! series – Part 2

ZUS Smart Backup Camera (FULL REVIEW & INSTALL) – Make your OLD CAR…SMART! series – Part 2

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  1. I got mine from Indiegogo and I love it. It's not built into the car so it has it's limitations but I can't backup without it. You may not recommend it but for a lot of people I think it is an awesome device and a must have for anyone who backs up often.

  2. Nice backup camera. I didn't know they sold this type of kit for our older cars. Pretty handy for crowded parking lots.

  3. The reason it’s WiFi and Bluetooth is so the connection between your phone and camera is a lot better. If it had no WiFi, the lag would be even worse! It can be a little inconvenient to switch networks but it’s worth it considering how cheap the unit is and how easy it is to install. In terms of booting up the app, I just leave the ZUS app on and simple click on the camera when I need to reverse. Great review

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  5. Your videos are just awesome and so informative. I feel like most people are afraid to say the truth but you put it all out there. The good bad and the ugly. Way to go! Keep it up!

  6. Great idea to give a screwdriver with this product.  I was thinking the same thing with the usb cord.  The WiFi issue is kind of a no brainer.  You will want to get in and go instead of having to switch networks when backing out of your home.  If they fix those issues you described in a later version, it would be worth getting, I think.  Another great unbiased review my man.

  7. While this sounds good in theory, I rather have a wired back-up camera with a monitor. No charging, no lag and I won't be tying up my phone.

    Edit:And no apps to dl and mess around with.

  8. WOW On sale on Ebay for around $60 – Check it out http://mdfm.co/ZUSCameraEbay
    Thanks for watching! If you have questions or comments, please leave them here.
    Also, I have more reviews on ZUS/Nonda products coming out soon so please SUBSCRIBE HERE ►►► http://mdfm.co/MDFM-Subscribe

  9. Battery life is about 1.5 months if you don't use it that much. I wish it has some way to charge it via solar panels.

  10. I bought the entire ZUS package off Indiegogo for $200. Mainly for this backup camera. I agree with you. It isn't any good. It's a PITA to use. You have to compare it to a factory system and it just doesn't compare. Bad picture. Everything needs to be charged. It's slow to activate. I shelved it and bought the AutoVox T2 system. Wired camera with monitor built-in to the mirror. Simple to hook up. Works good in my '68 Firebird. Can't speak for nighttime performance.

    I do like the ZUS tire pressure monitoring, but I don't use it. Reason: having all the stuff tied to your phone is a pain. I want these features added to the car not to my phone.

  11. I use this on the front of my big ass 4×4 truck. It is a godsend. You can't see 15 feet in front to the ground. Toyotas (yes every other small car too) disappear when you get half way into a spot. This camera allows you to pull fully into a spot without fear of going Bigfoot over the top of someones little car. If off roading is your thing, you can see what is infront of the truck without making your passenger get out and become your spotter. They really appreciate getting to ride in the truck through mud or over slippery or rocky terrain. Your issue of wanting to see down lower, or some of your bumper can be achieved by (some trial and error) filing some thick nylon washers into wedges for a little angle. My driving lights work wonderfully to light up the path for night vision. I know most folks don't need a front camera, but most of the shortcomings and issues in the video are kind of petty and not really big issues if you have some patients and ingenuity.

  12. I agree with everything you are saying. I would add that if you have a problem with it don't even waste your time on their website. Their instructions are from March of 2017. Just e-mail them and get them to help you with any problems. They are usually pretty good at responding quickly. I had a problem trying to connect multiple devices and the instructions are very outdated and they tell you to go to the Settings icon which there isn't one in the app. So just contact them when you have a problem

  13. Bruh my Qashqai is 10 yrs old and has backup sensors, Bluetooth, and kits are available to upgrade the stereo to a Touchscreen LCD screen which connects to a camera you can install on the back of the car

  14. This will work for me, the car I drive most often is a Crossfire, not a practical car and NO visability backing up huge blind spots with a small window.
    I'm not attached to my phone so that's not a problem it will actually give me a reason to bring it..

  15. Couldn't you just charge it with mini usb power bank instead of removing it everytime the battery goes low.

  16. I see there's a OBD adapter for the cars MINI port. I'm guessing that's not needed for older cars that don't have that port. Besides I'm just wanting it as a cheap security cam for my cargo/camper trailer which has no windows. Is the port adapter needed?

  17. My first ZUS worked for about a week, and it was a pain to go through the procedure every time you wanted to back up.
    Then it died.  What I went through with Customer Service was unbelievable; I ended up sending them pictures of the Monster cable, USB Power Meter and displays, and 2.1 amp charger to prove that it was not undercharged.  Then, they accused me of not understanding lithium charging.  After I told them that I had an Electronics degree, and 40kWh of Lithium batteries that I ran most of my house from, they finally said they would send a replacement.
    That took a long time to come.  And, it wouldn't pair at all.  I went to charge it and try again after a month (it was fully charged when setting it aside) and it is a brick, meaning totally dead, and it will put any USB charger into shorted out/shut down mode.
    I'm done messing with them, and you should be very careful if you decide to try this poor excuse of a product.

  18. Ty for the video I just bought one and am not sure if i should take it out of the box?
    One question I have is can you keep the camera running when driving forward? Can you keep it running all the time?

  19. Why is the Bluetooth not connecting when I mount it to the license plate only connects if it off the plate, Wifi connect fine on or off the plate also why the blue light don’t shut off when I close the app and disconnect from Wi-Fi wont that drain the battery

  20. What would you recommend for a wireless backup camera ? My wife wont let me do anything with the wires Haha and it is way too expensive to get installed from best buy or someone else

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